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Crafty Laundry Tips

Yes, I know I have loud clothing. And I like to paint and decorate my hangers too!

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Tide and Latina Bloggers Connect.

Any time there is a campaign for Tide, I jump on it. I got excited when I came across this one for Tide Pods, which I only recently discovered! For me, Tide is an emotional thing, my nana used Tide and so did my mom and my mom-in-law too. It reminds me of being in grade school when my mom first taught me how to do laundry! Now as a mom and artist, laundry detergent is one of those things I don’t have time to negotiate. The colors in my fabrics have to be on-point, whether I’m wearing them or sewing them. I don’t have time to take a risk.

I decided to use this campaign as an opportunity to share my laundry tips using Tide Pods! They are pretty genius. Each pod is made up of a three-chamber laundry pac that has double the concentration as regular liquid detergent.

NOTE: Leave a laundry tip below in the comments and I’ll chose one name next week to win a Tide Pods tub AND one Gain Flings tub!


Why I love these:

– They work with all water temperatures.

– Just toss a Pod in the drum of your machine. No more drips or bulky containers. I used to hate that my liquid detergent dripped all over the machine, inside and out, nomatter how hard I tried to keep things tidy. I had to scrub the machine down every week, so frustrating!

– No more trying to get the last drop of detergent out by adding water, shaking and pouring, etc. I know you’ve done that too!

– Doing laundry can be a pain, so at least this makes it easier and faster and with no mess!

Hey, anything to speed up the laundry process so I can get back in the art studio is a winner for me!

This is my deal with laundry. I’m an artist and hardcore crafter. I have an entirely separate wardrobe for the art room (same with my husband!). I don’t like to wear aprons. I don’t want to wear nice clothes because they’ll get ruined. In the past, I had dozens of paint shirts – they took over my life to the point where I didn’t have any piece of clothing without a paint or varnish stain. One day I got so fed up I threw them all out and started over. now I only limit myself to a few articles of clothing to use in my studio!

These are my approved paint clothes! One for each day of the week!

Laundry tips for crafters:

1. Choose 2-3 T-shirts to use for your craft clothes. I use shirts that I get at conferences so I don’t even have to buy them! I actually have six shirts I use, and I also have paint pants and shorts.

2. Keep these clothes separated from your regular clothes.

3. Fridays are my art clothes laundry days. I toss ALL of them in the washer, throw in a Tide Pod and then toss them all in the dryer and I’m good to go. If I don’t wash these on Friday, then I’m tempted to break into my nice clothes, thinking to myself, “I’ll be careful not to get anything on them!” Never works out!

4. If you get wet glue or decoupage medium on your clothes, toss those in the wash immediately, do not let it dry. As long as you wash them while the glue is wet, it will come right out!

5. If you get ceramic underglazes on any clothing, paint clothes or otherwise, don’t freak out – the Tide Pods will completely wash it out, even if you let it dry on the fabric. Yes, I know from experience!


6. When working with fabrics for crafting – ALWAYS pre-wash. This will remove any sizing. This is a big deal, especially if you are dyeing fabric because the sizing can act as a resist. When you buy clothing or fabric from the thrift store, always wash before use.

7. When working with tie-dye, after the dye has set, rinse it out in the sink until water runs clear and then run it through a washer cycle with a Tide Pod.

8. For your nice clothes, keep those way out of the way from your paint clothes so you aren’t tempted to wear them while you craft.

9. I always wash my nice blouses in cold water and then hang dry.

10. Once you’re all done with the Pods, save the container to use to hold craft supplies or also to use as a container to dye small fabric items!


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Leave a laundry tip below in the comments and I’ll chose one name next week to win a Tide Pods tub AND one Gain Flings tub!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tide® and Gain® and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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15 thoughts on “Crafty Laundry Tips”

  1. Have a small basket for laundry, when it is full get to washing. A small basket keeps the laundry from becoming a huge mountain of clothes.

  2. I try to do a load of laundry every other day (we are a family of 5) To prevent socks from losing their “sole mate” I have each person put their socks in a zippered laundry bag. It also helps sorting socks go a lot smoother since 3 guys all wear the same brand socks!

  3. Too many yyucky chemicals in Tide…not good for us or the environment. A natural laundry soap so much better and so easy to mix up your own. I know..hard to break old habits.
    Same with fabric sofeners….just a couple glugs of white vinegar in the rinse is all you need. 🙂 no smell, no static! And cheep

  4. My tip is to teach your kids to sort laundry from a young age. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  5. LOVE Tide. Mom used it and so did Grandma, and it’s really the only brand I trust, and I’ve tried them all. I like the Gain for clothes that aren’t too dirty because I love the smell, but Tide is the BEST at all those stains!

  6. fold it right away so you are all caught up!! I should talk; I am the worst at getting the laundry out of the dryer and putting it in the laundry basket and grabbing clean clothes from the wrinkly pile, and then having to fold more than needed, the next laundry day. Especially with 4 kids’ laundry too!

  7. I love TIDE PODS, since I discovered have become my favorites, saving time and money to do my laundry. Before using liquid soap and bought 2 gallons every week, now with TIDE PODS I buy a packet every month. My tip is to change washing TIDE PODS, leave my clothes with a rich aroma and my family loves it.

  8. My laundry tip is to always wash new clothes before you wear them keep from an accidental stain. If you wash them before, the stain isn’t set into the cloth.


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