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Sugar skull craft: How to make no-sew appliqués



Here’s a sugar skull craft: How to make no-sew appliqués you can use for Dia de los Muertos or any time of the year!

It’s a resourceful and creative way Looking  to use your beautiful scrap fabric.

These no-sew appliqués are much easier to assemble than you can imagine.

Here’s what you need for this sugar skull craft:

Fabric scraps

Double-sided peel n stick sheets for fabric


A marker

how to make no-sew appliqués

How to make no-sew appliqués:

Take one sheet and peel off the protective backing from one of the sides.

Apply the sticky side to the back of your fabric scrap. I like to use the adhesive fabric sheets that are already cut to size, 4.25×5″ work perfectly.

Smooth it out with your finger to remove any ripples or bubbles.

how to make no-sew appliqués

Use scissors to trim away the excess fabric from the adhesive sheet.

Now you have a perfect size to create your applique!

how to make a no-sew applique

Draw a design on the backing.

If you feel nervous about freehand drawing, print a template from one of my other Day of the Dead crafts and use tracing paper to transfer the design to the back of this fabric piece:

FREE PRINTABLE: Sugar Skull Paper Banner

sugar skull craft

Use small craft scissors or a craft knife (be careful!) to cut out your sugar skull.

Peel away the backing to expose the sticky goodness!

sugar skull craft

Prewash your T-shirt, jeans, whatever you’ll be using. This is they are brand new. We want to make sure the sizing is removed. Otherwise you are good to go!

Apply the no-sew applique onto your shirt!

You’re done!

sugar skull craft

These appliqués will hold up through a couple washes.

Make them more permanent by outlining with Puffy Paint, let dry.

sugar skull craft

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