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I have been OBSESSED with The Hunger Games book series long before the movie series was cast. I was one of those goofy people who worried if the cinematic adaptation would live up to the nail-biting drama within the pages. I wasn’t disappointed at all, I love how it translated to the big screen. And I’m 100% thrilled for this last installment. That said, I thought I’d share some super cool Hunger Games crafts from around the web. If you’re like me, this is going to be a very long week waiting for the film to open!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 opens nationwide on November 20th, 2015.

And I have TWO giveaways! The Lionsgate studio peeps remembered how much I loved the books and the films and offered these goodies for me to pass on to you!

  1. PHOENIX RESIDENT: Two advance screening VIP seats for the film on Wednesday, November 18th.
  2. U.S. RESIDENT: , hopefully these DIYs will help pass the time Prize Pack (first 3 movies on Blu-Ray/DVD, a Mockingjay pin, t-shirt and a variety of posters)

To enter, leave a comment below sharing why you are excited for the movie! I’ll choose a winner on Sunday evening!

Now, on to the crafty ideas.

  1. The Hunger Games Cupcakes, by Erica’s Sweet Tooth.



2. The Hunger Games Keychains: Here’s an easy tutorial from g*rated!

hunger games key chains


3. Katniss-inspired Hair clip to wear to the movie, from Art for All!



4. Effie Trinket Corsage, by Aprons & Ambition.



5. Resin Bottlecap Pins, by RaeGun Ramblings.

Resin Pin Tutorial Heidi copy


6. Freezer Paper Shirts, by The Crafted Sparrow.



7. The Hunger Games Tree Ornaments, by Pinterest user Jade Bright.



8. Mockingjay Shortbread Cookies from Statsy.



9. District 12 Coal Necklace, by RaeGun Ramblings.

HG jewelry copy


10. Bleached Mockingjay Shirts, by Pandercraft.



11. Mockingjay Pin, by Holly Everyday.



12. Parachute Party Favors, from Pinterest. I couldn’t find the source for this one!



13. Knitting Patterns inspired by The Hunger Games, by In The Loop Knitting.


There you go, well, there is one more. Ack, I’m embarrassed…Girl on Fire Facepaint: I did this one before the first film came out. I had no idea what to expect, so I just went crazy and painted my face in anticipation. One half represents the Girl on Fire, and the other represents her time surviving in the woods! It took forever to scrub all that red off!


Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to try and win the prize pack or Phoenix movie screening tickets!

Love & light,

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  1. I am reading thru the books with my granddaughter and she loves them! She has seem the films and we both agree they did a great job! (You are NOT weird! I was the same way with the LOTR series! I waited years to see the films because I could not imagine they could do it as well as what was in my head 🙂 PS LOVE the facepaint!!

  2. I just love Hunger Games, winter’s coming and perfect time for watching this movie, and the crafts adds a perfect touch of spirit to all of this. The characters, clothing, etc, and movie is just awesome.

  3. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

    My sisters, and two nieces always watch the The Hunger Games movies together. Its like our thing. We already have the upcoming movie on our calendar, for a movie date night.

    The Hunger Games shows a young lady in the lead role, taking charge and standing up. I feel its important for young girls to watch these types of movies.

  4. I loved the books and the movies are great! Cant wait to watch the movies all together! May the odds be ever in my favor! (I had too jajaja)

  5. I’ve been anticipating the last installment of this movie right after the last one finished! LOL.. My other half and I were looking for a series to watch and after hearing nothing but praise for the books and the movies we decided to watch part 1, Hunger Games and we were hooked! Sorry to say this but the new Star Wars is not as exciting as this one will be. The whole story has intrigue and lures you into the plot line. The boy loses girl, the girl finds love with new boy and discovers another side to herself.. Girl Power! Can we say.. Antici…… pation! So excited!

  6. I’m excited to see this movie next weekend! I’m not a Phoenix resident so I would love to be entered for the prize pack. These are some really cool ideas. You went all out for the face paint, haha.

  7. I’m excited to see it because it’s one of the few franchises that I actually go to the theater to see. The series has been grand!

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