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Posada Candy Bags leaves no child (or adult behind). They are part of the festivities of posada. Posada is a Mexican tradition that runs from December 16-24. Each night is a fiesta of food, drink, family gatherings and piñatas! Everyone has a chance to play and celebrate and the posada candy bags are a special loot of treats to take home – just in case one missed out on the piñata rewards, they won’t go home empty-handed. Generally, you would use the same candy from the inside the piñata, as well as citrus and peanuts.

But you can always give this tradition your own twist! I thought this would be a perfect idea for shopping at Big Lots! I’m a Big Lots Latino brand ambassador and I found a super easy way to make your posada candy bags! Everything I used to make these were purchased at Big Lots! The hardest part was trying not to nibble on these snacks while I packed up the bags!

I came across these treat bags for $2 – they have four boxes, bags, ribbons and tags! PERFECT!


Then I hit up the candy aisle!


I came home with a variety of goodies – nuts, candies, cookies and more!


Assemble the boxes.


And string the tags!


I used the granola cookies on the bottom of each bag, then filled with chocolates, nuts and hard candies. I love the hard candies because they are so colorful and pretty!


Here’s the bags before I tied them up!


What a treat! Don’t forget to add tangerines too!

posada-candy-bags11 posada-candy-bags12

Don’t forget to visit Big Lots Latino to see what all the other bloggers made too! You will definitely get inspired!

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  1. Used this idea for my Christmas party. I really didn’t realize that Big Lots had all these crafty items here in Texas! Thanks so much for all your original ideas. You are my favorite “Craft Diva”.

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