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25 Door Mat DIYs

Warmer weather means it’s time to liven up the area with a creative and clever door mat. But you don’t have to pay a lot of money for one piece. Make one on the cheap using things you likely have around the house. To help you out, I’ve gathered up 25 of my favorite door mat DIYs!

Oh my gosh, your porch is going to look so fabulous if you try any of these! Your guests will see how excited you are to have them over!

1. Check out my glittered floorcloth that can also be made as a doormat!

YouTube video

2. Mr. DIY Dork shows how to use only two items to make a sturdy door mat – zip ties and pallet wood!

YouTube video

3. Popsicle Blog celebrates mucho colores with this bright and cheery Rainbow Door Mat.

4. From the “Why did I think of that” category, Design Sponge shares this brilliant idea for hot gluing coils of rope to make a mat.

5. Mi amiga, Miss Kris, came up with a spraypainted “Hey, Girl, Hey” mat.

YouTube video

6. How to paint a door mat that the dog won’t chew. Sounds like a plan! From Jennifer Priest at Hydrangea Hippo.

7. Jennifer Perkins shows how to paint a door mat using embroidery patterns.

8. Fruity Door Mats by Tiffy Quake.

YouTube video

9. Ditch the rectangle! How to make your own custom-shaped door mat, by Gray House Studio.

10. How to make a river rock door mat, by The Owner Builder Network.

11. Martha shows how to make a braided door mat.

12. Make a door mat using dollar store items, and it looks nice! by Tareon and Co. (Fast forward to 10:52 to see her make it)

13. I Has Cupcake shows how to make a geeky door mat that looks like your favorite computer keyboard key.

YouTube video

14. See how to make a chic geometric door mat from DIY Squirrel.

15. This abstract door mat is amazing, it’s made from recycled blankets! By Inhabitat.

16. How about crocheting your door mat? ScoochMaroo from Instructables shows us how.

17. Make a door mat (or rug) out of old clothing that is braided together. By Criss Tee.

YouTube video

18. How to make a beautiful wood stain door mat from Lovely Imperfection.

19. Here is a manly-man door mat made from wood slices, from Brooklyn Limestone.

20. This ceramic tile door mat is so cool! Might be a little slippery, but it’s so fancy! From anniefranceschi.com.

21. I like this idea from Hoosier Homemade – just take a plain rubber mat and paint the grooves! Smart!

22. How to embroider an IKEA door mat, so colorful! From Joselyn Hughes.

YouTube video

23. Lemon and cat door mats! Need I say more? By Glitter Mint.

24. Use a garden hose to make a bright green door mat for your patio!

25. Water blob door mats by Avso.

Are you in the mood to make a door mat? Which one is your favorite? I’m ready to start making some, I’m inspired!

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