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Relaxing = Painting Mugs!


How do I decompress during stressful times? I paint mugs! Lots and lots of mugs! That’s what went down last weekend.

Coming back from the cruise was crazy, I had so many tasks to catch up on, and that’s still going. By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Chicago to film seven segments for the Fave Crafts You Tube channel – (I’m even going to show how to make tamales from scratch!). Then next week I’m headed off to Chicago to film three segments for the new show, Make it Artsy (formerly Scrapbook Soup).

I love it because the last two months have been all about business and speaking, hosting events and such. Those were a blast, but gosh, it sure feels good to MAKE STUFF! I think ceramics are my comfort zone craft. I love the rawness of the bisque and underglazes and then waiting for them to fire in the kiln. They come out magically transformed!

I even did a Facebook Live showing my kiln reveal.  If you watch it, I managed to fix the plate!

Ok, before all that…First I had to make a batch of mugs for a store in Encinitas, THEN I could freestyle!


I’ve been selling (and buying) a lot of cactus-themed items lately, so I painted a jumbo cactus mug.


and the other side!


I love how it came out and I’m deciding if I want to keep it. I listed it in my Etsy shop for now! I did this other mug that I wanted to keep, I listed it, and sure enough, it sold! But I can always make another, it’s talavera-inspired and I wrote “Listo” for READY! It’s the top photo of this post, here is the other side. OMG, the pink! So bright!


And then I made some muertos mugs, also jumbo size!


And little dessert plates!


Look at this tortilla warmer Patrick painted!


It’s all low riders cruising around the block. Then for the inside…


He painted a nana making tortillas!

We listed most of it in our store! We parted ways with some items already because I sent out our monthly newsletter last night with some links and people shopped!

Here’s a coupon code for free shipping: HAPPINESS516 

(Note: Notice there is a 5 right after the word happiness!)

I have a blog post coming up on this soon, but I’ll share it here now…my new product line with Sizzix comes out this September! We used all the dies, embossing folders, and cling stamps on the cruise. I have a post coming up soon so you can see all the elements in action!


Hope you have a great rest of the week! I’m going to try and post from Chicago! Don’t forget you can follow me on Snapchat to see my travel adventures! Not that they’ll be all that exciting, but I do try to find interesting things to share. Like desserts. And glitter!


Free Crafty Chica Coaching (via SpareMin)!

Photo Cactus Garden


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