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Turn a Foam Pumpkin into a Shadow Box!


Who wants to make a foam pumpkin shadow box? We already have a Dia de Los Muertos ofrenda set up in our house and I wanted new decorations. Oh man, let me tell you – this project was sooooo fun. My biggest tip is to make sure your items to put inside will fit inside the pumpkin. I didn’t do that, and I cut my pumpkin and my little statue didn’t fit. I went back to the craft store for a new pumpkin (larger!) and guess what I found?

Pumpkins already cut as shadow boxes!

It’s ok, I still cut my own version. So there!

I think this would be even better on a miniature level!

That is going on my to-do list!

YouTube video

OK, here is the pumpkin shadow box video tutorial I made for this project!

Pumpkin Shadow Box for Day of the Dead

SUPPLIES for a foam pumpkin shadow box (or Dia de Muertos shrine): 

Foam pumpkin

Focal point figures

Small accessory items

Hot knife or pocket knife (sharp!) – be careful!


Craft paint, decoupage medium, glitter

Extra strength adhesive AND hot glue

Small flowers

Directions for this Dia de Muertos shrine:

This project works nice as a decoration but you can give it more love by using it on your ofrenda to honor a loved one who passed away. Add their picture and any small items representing what they loved. 

Draw where you want to cut the hole. Leave enough in the front so your pumpkin won’t fall over backwards. Carefully cut away the hole.


Paint the inside of the pumpkin the same color as the glitter. This will make a nice even opaque coat. Leave the bottom of the pumpkin unpainted so your items will have a firmer grip to the surface. Once the paint is dry, paint on a coat of decoupage medium and while it is still wet, pour in the glitter. Roll it around so it is evenly covered. then add decorations around the outside edges.

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Let dry and then use both the extra strength glue and the the hot glue to add your items. The hot glue will hold them in place while the other glue dries. Add your main focal point items and add the flowers all around.

Dia de Muertos shrine

Check out the video for the step-by-step process for this Dia de Muertos shrine made form a foam pumpkin shadow box! I feel like this could be a really awesome class to teach, so many possibilities!

Day of the Dead pumpkin shadow box

I love how they turned out! Thanks for checking out my foam pumpkin shadowbox idea!

Dia de Muertos shrine
Dia de Muertos shrine made from a foam pumpkin shadow box, by Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica.

What kind of pumpkin crafts are you making this season? Share in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Turn a Foam Pumpkin into a Shadow Box!”

  1. If I were to make one, instead of skeletons I would decorate it with pictures of those that passed over and save the front section and make it a hinged door to close it.

  2. Hi Kathy!!! I Love LOve LOve your page & ideas! So I’m a teacher & would like to know budget wise how much would this run? Like where do I get figurines & trinkets for inside??

    Excited ????????

    • The pumpkins are 60% off at michaels, and the flowers you can get from the dollar store. As far as the figures, they were 2.99, 40% off at michaels! too! You can even put a little picture inside if you can use a figurie!


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