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5 Ways to Pamper Your Doggie


Hello, my human friends. Come, sit. Have a doggie treat and relax. I have some words to share.

This is Ozzy, I’m Kathy’s guest blogger for the day. Actually she didn’t ask. I demanded. Why? Because as the oldest and most refined canine in this household, I am entitled, due to the topic. Hello? This article is sponsored by my lifelong favorite food, Purina Dog Chow. (Yes, I asked my pet, Kathy, to insert that link for me, thank you. It’s hard enough to bark into this moody voice dictation machine, much less add a hyperlink!)

Anyway, who knows more about Purina Dog Chow than me? I’ve eaten it my whole life (Small Dog variety is my fave). Secondly, let me tell you – it ain’t easy living in a house with an artist family. They put me to work Every. Single. Day.ozzy

Here’s just a few of my chores:

  • I absolutely have to sleep snuggled up to Kathy’s neck and shoulder. Sometimes she forgets and closes her bedroom door and I have to scratch and cry to remind her to let me in. How can I be her personal guardian if I’m locked out? Just to make sure she remembers for next time, I’ll leave her a little “gift” in her shoe. She’ll never accidentally lock me out again, that’s for sure!
  • I serve as a model for photo shoots.From spiked collars to Halloween costumes to bowties, I’ve worn them all. “Look up here, Ozzy!” she says as she waves my favorite treat, a Purina Beggin Little, high in the sky. As if. Just give me the treat and snap your fingers where you want me to look!
  • If it weren’t for me, she’d stay up all night making clicking sounds at the table of hers. I have to lick her ankles repeatedly until she snaps out of her spell. Sometimes I’ll stand at the doorway and howl until she finally registers that it’s time to shut it down!
  • Licking away her tears, which is few and a far between, but still. It’s a job that someone has to tend to!
  • Most importantly – It’s my job to sound the alarm at any unapproved sounds, which is like…all day long. Granted, my hearing isn’t what it used to be, and I can’t quite see the leaves on the trees anymore, but I’m still 100% on duty!
  • It’s all very exhausting, which requires me to nap at least eight-to-ten times a day.

After all this, you can see why Kathy has always fed us doggies Purina Dog Chow. There are five dog dishes in this house, and we each need a high quality meal that is easily digestible. Plus it has 90 years of proven nutrition, and is made in the USA.


OK, guys – it’s Kathy! Ozzy got hungry talking about his food, and he now munching away. I’ll take over from here.

Let me tell you why I love Ozzy so much. He changed my life! As a child, I tried to take food away from my neighbor’s basset hound and the dog bit me in the lip. That experience haunted me for decades after. I became terrified of dogs, especially if they barked. I carried that fear every day as I walked to and from grade school and even high school, which resulted in dogs chasing me at least twice a month!


About ten years into our marriage, my sister adopted a beagle as a puppy. I figured that might be a good place to start. So when a friend’s dog had puppies, we asked to keep one. We bonded instantly, I loved the puppy stage! It’s like he knew he was meant to be my little protector. During his adult stage, he still acted like a puppy – super springy limbs, excellent vision and hearing and he loved to go out for walks and car rides.


So much personality! What worries me these days is that Ozzy is 16 years old, he’s now in his elderly stage. He is very picky about his food. He won’t eat anything his isn’t sure of. Beggin Strips and Purina Dog Chow are it. His age is showing. His vision isn’t what it used to be, he can’t hear as well, but he still has so much spirit and love. I do everything I can to show him affection every day. And I swear, the rest of the family goes to bed, but not Ozzy. He waits for me before he calls it a day. I work all night until I feel his little licks on my legs, it’s his way to let me know it’s time for bed.

As part of this campaign, we were asked to create a fun pamper basket. Here are some things I bought for Ozzy. He’s the oldest, so he tends to always receive special treatment.

A soft bed, treats, items for a “pet”acure, a brush to remove shedding, and a squeak toy!


He’s so old, but still has a youthful glow about him!

Here are my five ways to pamper your doggie!

  1. Give him a bath – and while he/she is in the sink being scrubbed down, give him/her a little snack to eat. Think of it as a spa experience for him!
  2. Once he/she is all dry, use a dog brush to remove any loose fur. Do this every day to prevent shedding.
  3. Carve out time each day to play with him/her. Remember you are EVERYTHING to your doggie, it will make their whole day to spend time with you!
  4. Go for a walk or drive.
  5. Feed them high quality food! Our dogs love Purina Dog Chow, so we’ve always stuck with that!




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