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My L-O-V-E for Bootsie


Today’s blog post is dedicated to my middle dog, Bootsie. Bootsie is a classic middle dog. Always needy for attention, always doing his best to be “extra” – above and beyond our other four Chihuahuas. It’s no wonder why Bootsie holds such a special place in my heart.

When it came time for this Purina campaign, I knew I wanted to focus on my little Bootsie. The theme is solving the mystery of how our pets steal our hearts. Before I tell you Bootsie’s story, I have some great news for you dog owners!

When it comes to Bootsie’s favorite chow, he suggests Purina ONE. He wanted me to let you know…he pointed it out at the store, just in case you wanted a visual. When you go into PetSmart, look for the Purina ONE section in the dog food area.

Bootsie has a unique way of eating his food. While our other pooches gobble down their food by the mouthful, Bootsie picks up a single piece of food in his teeth, runs to the other room and then uses his mouth to toss it in the air, he lets it fall, then swats it around with his paws before finally putting it in his mouth to chew. Then he runs back to the food bowl and starts all over. We just kinda sit there and watch him do his thang. My husband calls him a weirdo. I call him “my Bootsie!”

I take Bootsie’s eating routine as a message that he loves his food so much, he savors every bite and makes it last as possible. This makes me so happy because I want him to be a healthy doggie. It helps that Purina has a wide variety of food and treats for sale at PetSmart, right by my house. There are so many goodies to choose from, it takes the mystery out of finding out what he really wants. Our dogs are so picky!

Bootsie is a Fighter

About five years ago, we almost lost the little guy. He jumped off a ledge in the backyard and pulled his back. He couldn’t walk and winced in pain at any touch to his body. The vet offered 50/50 survival odds, we thought we might have to put him down. We spoon fed him and babied him until his strength returned and he was able to stand. Bootsie has such a strong spirit and will to be by my side, he fought his way back. These days, he may be older, but he is as strong as ever! and he still stalks me at every opportunity.

Bootsie and Crafty Chica

He’s clever and sneaky

Whenever I prep to travel and pull out my suitcase, he goes on high alert. Sometimes he’ll sit inside my suitcase while I’m trying to pack. One time I made it to my destination, checked into my hotel, opened my suitcase only to find he had left me a “gift” from the backyard inside my suitcase. OMG. I will not go into details. But it had to be him who did it. He’s a stalker, remember? I don’t know his reasoning, but I’m hoping he did it out of love.

My Ride or Die

He stays right by my side all day at home. When I’m working in the studio, he’ll jump up on the seat across the table and wait for me to finish my work. See above photo. Sometimes he’ll sleep on my feet. Not by my feet – ON my feet. He just waits patiently, then trots alongside as I walk. The other dogs are usually lounging in the family room, but not Boots!

Bootsie’s thoughts: “Maybe they will think I’m part of the display and I can stay here all night and eat all of these Purina Beggin’ Strips.”

Isn’t Afraid to Go After What He Wants

He will jump up on my lap and stand tall, which means he wants a back rub, right there and then. From his hips all the way up to his ears. When he is done with my services, he gives my a little lick on my nose to let me know. Then I set him back on the floor. Who is the owner and who is the pet, I ask?


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2 thoughts on “My L-O-V-E for Bootsie”

  1. Omgoodness!!! Bootsie sounds like our radar!!!, picks up a piece of food, runs always & savors it….I love my radar!!❤️
    Thank you for sharing????????????

  2. I always find my pets’ habits funny- our dog used to remove a piece, run away, and eat- but now she is more comfortable in her home and eats directly from her bowl. #client


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