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Everyone needs a Family Thankful Wreath!


Everyone needs a family thankful wreath! What a great way to come together to show love and appreciation for each other than to put it on paper and share it with the world. Keep in mind – “family” doesn’t have to mean traditional siblings. Sisters from another mister totally count. So do brothers from another mother. Co-workers, roommates, best friends, strangers, heck – even just YOU alone.

I feel like we spend a lot of energy thinking about what we need, want, or don’t have, rather than making a checklist of the things we have in our favor. I don’t care how scary our world is, how jaded we may feel at times, or how much our feelings can be hurt – there is always something to be thankful for. And we have to hang on to that and ride it all the way.

Oh my gosh, this is turning into a soapbox speech! I don’t mean for it to sound like that. My thankfulness comes from my dad, during his last year dealing with cancer. Despite blow after blow, he would always say “Well, at least I still have…”


I’m not gonna lie. Thanksgiving Day breaks me down into a sobbing mess. I really have to fight to keep my mood and hopes up. Ever since my dad passed in 2009, we haven’t had a full-on turkey feast gathering like we did for all those years before. If someone had told me all those Thursdays that it would all change to what it is now – wow. I would have done things so much differently. I would have been way more present. I kinda explained it here, and I’m still working through it. Yes, I’m excited to make the rounds and see everyone, it will be a bunch of micro turkey days instead of two giant ones.

And you know, that is pretty cool when you think about it. Maybe I’ll make one of these wreaths for each house that I stop at. Maybe I’ll add the first note in honor of my dad, I think he would like that.

OK, I’ll stop blabbering! Here’s how you can make one of these, thank you to Jeshua for making this tutorial for us!





Foam wreath

Burlap or canvas ribbon

Glittered ribbon


Note paper

Assorted pens


Start by wrapping the wreath with the canvas ribbon. Use thumbtacks or pins to hold it in place. you need this opaque ribbon as a base, otherwise the white will show through when you add the glittered ribbon.


Now wrap with the glittered ribbon. Same thing, affix with a tack.


This will give it a lot of Thanksgiving magic!


Cut up squares of decorative paper!


For your gathering or event, hang your wreath and then on a table nearby, set out the tacks, pens and paper. If you want, you can pre write “I’m thankful for” on the papers, so you wreath will have a nice, hand lettered touch.


Or just let your guests do their own thang!


At the end of the day, gather up all the papers and put them in a memory book or take photos of them.

thankful-wreath8 thankful-wreath10

Thanks for reading this, I hope you like it!



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