DIY Prosperity Plaques – Let’s Manifest Money!

Prosperity Signs by Crafty Chica.

Want to manifest money? These prosperity signs will help! The other day while receiving a gel manicure, my nail tech (one of my husband’s adorable cousins!) told me how he burns incense to attract wealth. I asked him, “Why don’t you hang a money sign in your office so you’ll see it every day?”

I’m a true believer in vision boards and the law of attraction – as long as you take the steps to follow through, of course. I have lots and lots of hearts hung up all over my house, in every room, in my office, studio, even the bathrooms. I eat, sleep and breath LOVE in almost every aspect of my life. Everywhere I look in my surroundings, I see hearts and affirmations that help me stay positive.

I decided to use that method to channel abundance in my office area, the very place where I work every day, make decisions, do my finances, negotiate contracts and opportunities.

I went to the craft store and some home decor locations and you know what I found?

NOTHING pertaining to how to manifest money!

Everything read “Dream Big” or “Believe” “Be Happy” and so on. I barely even found dollar signs. I know why. It might look greedy to hang up dollar signs, but you know what? With the right frame of mind and business sense, money is a valuable resource to create abundance for your family, to reduce stress, to create more opportunity and build your business. I did some research and came across this article on XOXOJane about “poverty thinking vs. prosperity thinking.”   I loved it and left feeling so inspired. Take time to give it a read too!

I’m going to take the money affirmation challenge this writer did, and see what happens. In the meantime, I created my own prosperity plaques – or money manifestation signs, whatever you want to call them.


I tailored them to what I need: Big picture thinking so I don’t get side tracked.

Abundance in all things – striving for a full life my myself and to give to others.

Self-made to show respect to how far I’ve come with my business.

CHA-CHING is my favorite! It’s inspired by my Etsy store. I love it when I hear the cha-ching sound when I make a sale! We hear it through our whole house and we each high five one another. It’s pretty silly, but we love it! That sounds represents that we make things that people want to spend their hard-earned moola on and that rocks!

Heart is from

Goals pertain to the three items I choose each year. It helps me manage opportunities because I apply everything to them. Does this opportunity move me closer to my goals or further away? I need this reminder a lot!

When it comes to making these signs, here’s what to think about:

New money will not fall out of the sky or come from wishful thinking. Let these signs serve as a reminder to take chances on new projects, to pitch your services and so on. Empower yourself to take action!

Why exactly do you need extra money?

How much more do you want to bring in each month?

What are ways you can create new streams of income?

If you run a blog or online store – make sure it looks like the money you feel you are worth. Invest time to make it look nice and polished. how can you upgrade the look?

What are some things to can delete from your schedule to make room to work on these tasks?

What are some subscriptions or daily costs you can stop?

Think about saving a percentage from all income, so you can put it in savings. I’m aiming for 20% of everything!

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Now that I made these for my office, I want to make some for my kitchen that say: “Rainbow food” “Lean meat, fruits and veggies” to remind me to eat healthier.

As far as supplies, I visited Michaels (with a coupon) and bought a bunch of wood items. I highly suggest going for this set of letters (below). It has multiples of all of them so you don’t run out. I also found a smaller set. I also found a box of letters at Target that has dollar signs within the set. If you can’t find dollar signs, use “S” with cut up toothpicks.

When it comes to the wording, really think about what you want to attract. Is it a set amount you are saving for? Maybe it’s new clients? A reminder of a goal? Be specific.

Have fun, add your favorite colors and embellishments. You want these signs to inspire you. I used washi tape, gems, crystals and metallic paints to give a sense of depth and luxury! I also used white craft glue to hold them all together.

I added in my hearts to this one. Do all things with love, even work!

OK, what do you think of all of this? Which sign is your favorite to manifest money in your life? And which one do you want to make first?

(By the way, I’ve been writing finance articles over at the H&R Block site if you are interested! This is NOT sponsored, I’m just sharing! How to Grow Your Nest Egg and How to Bring in Extra Income.)

NOTE: Within the 24 hours of making this project to posting it here, I won $6 in two lottery tickets and made an unexpected $300 business transaction with a new client! 

And yes, I’m going to give one of these to Patrick’s cousin who did my nails that day!

Love & light,

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