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DIY Valentine shadow box from the dollar store

Here’s how to make a DIY Valentine shadow box from the dollar store! And it looks so fluffy and happy. It’s more than a shadow box, it’s a love shrine!

Check out my Valentine shadow box!

I visited the dollar store to gather supplies to make a fantastic romance-themed tutorial. I had a few ideas but wanted the offerings to inspire me. Oh, wow, they sure did. I never realized how many things – cool things – are available at the dollar store.

It’s a hub of all things L-O-V-E: Candies, decorations, baking supplies, cards, gift bags, decorations.

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This is what first caught my eye. The Spanish language Sweethearts. Yes, they also had them in English! I knew whatever I would make would have these. I also love the imagery of the yellow heart, each box has a different word – great for collage art!

Here are some items I was pleasantly surprised to find – silicone molds (perfect for baking, candy making, soaps, resin, etc). Little takeout boxes, doilies, even cookie cutters. I tossed EVERYTHING in my cart. I planned to make so many things I could have opened my own store with handmade Valentine goods.

Here is the loot I came home with. The Sweethearts were three for a dollar. See that package of 12 mini-buttons? DEAL!

I can use those for so many projects after Valentine’s. and the cookie cutter, I bought a couple of those – one for baking and one for clay.

Directions for a DIY Valentine shadow box from the dollar store

Once I looked through everything, I realized I had EVERYTHING I needed to make a colorful Valentine’s love shrine. It’s like a love note on steroids.

So cute!

I used a bright green box as the base. I wanted to add a burst of color inside, so I did this – I cut up a gift bag.

And then used it to line the inside of the shrine.

Then I glued this plaque inside as the centerpiece, yes all of these items are from the 99!

I used the lid of the box as the base for the shrine, and I glued the candies around the border of the box.

Then I embellished with cupcake toppers. I glued a  flower on top and added stickers. You can use a permanent marker to write a love note on the back of the box.

I had a lot of leftover items, so I made goodie bags!

This was a box that came with a ribbon so I simply added a pin to the top.

This would be so cute to use to give cookies or treats to someone.

Wouldn’t you love to receive this? It makes such a cute decoration for Valentine’s Day!


DIY Valentine shadow box from the dollar store

A nice collection of my dollar store haul.


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