How to make puffy ceramic hearts

Puffy Ceramic Hearts by Crafty Chica

Here’s how to make puffy ceramic hearts! I bought a 25 lb. bag of red clay and made these beautiful puffy ceramic hearts (tutorial below)!

It started as an experiment and I loved the process so much, I’m going to make more, much bigger! I have these for sale in my online store (see the bottom of my post), but also put together a video of how I made them!

These are in my style, but find your own inspiration, add your own twist to the concept! Then let me know what you come up with!

I also made these bowls too!

I still have some kinks to work out here, but I love how they are coming along!

Red Clay Bowls by crafty chica

How to make puffy ceramic hearts if you don’t have a kiln: Use air-dry clay! It’s what I use when I’m teaching classes or when I don’t feel like using my kiln. You can also use polymer clay as well. I love how it comes in all different colors os you can really have fun with the designs!

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