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Fruity Pebbles Gel Candle DIY

Have you ever popped up from a deep sleep and announce “I need a Fruity Pebble Gel Candle DIY!” Uh, or is that just me? I’ve been doing a series of craft posts for Pebbles line of cereals. and wanted to come up with something sweet and functional. Check out PebblesCereal.com. It’s an activity site for kids and has all kinds of coloring pages, games, crafts to make and more.

One thing that makes Fruity PEBBLES™ so great to use in crafts is the color combination. Bright pink, green, blue and yellow – perfect for a variety of ideas.



I thought gel candles would be intriguing because the cereal shows through as the candle burns. I also added some glitter, you could mix in glass pebbles or other small items.

Supplies to make a Fruity Pebble Gel Candle:

Fruity PEBBLES™ Cereal

Clear gel wax (found at the craft store)

Glass jar or bowl

Wick glued to the bottom


2 Pans

Heat gun

Strawberry candle scent


Fill glue the wick to the bottom of a clean, dry jar or bowl. Add in glitter, sand and then the Fruity Pebbles. About 1/3 of the way.

I really liked using this gel wax. It’s clean and easy to use, not at all messy! Cut up the gel wax into small pieces and place in a pan. Use a double boiler method and heat/melt the wax on medium low. do not try to melt it fast or it will turn cloudy. Stir until it is completely melted to liquid form.

ADD SCENT: This is the stage to add in drops of strawberry candle oil scent, or whatever other fruity scents you want!

CAUTION: Always use safety measures when working around the stove and with hot wax. Wear potholders and carefully pour the melted wax into the jar. Slowly. Let any remaining gel cool in the pans, then simply peel it off and return to the packaging for future use.

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There will be air bubbles that float up to the top as the melted wax flows over the cereal. I used a heat gun to pop them. Just keep gliding the heat gun over the top of the candle to pop the bubbles. Let the candles set for 24 hours.

Cut the wick to the top of the jar. Use the lid when you want to put out the flame. When the candle burns down about halfway, refill with the melted gel wax. Just like with any other embedded candle items, don’t let the candle burn all the way down to the cereal.

Thanks for checking out my Fruity Pebbles Gel Candle DIY! I hope you liked it, let me know if you tried this!

You can play around and use the other Pebbles Cereals to get other flavors as well! Make sure to visit the PEBBLES website for more ideas, recipes, and lots of cool kid activities! Visit them on Facebook where they currently have a giveaway for three PEBBLES skateboards! THE FLINTSTONES and all related characters and elements © & ™ Hanna-Barbera. (s17)

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  1. Thank You. These DIYs are so fun! This would be a first for me. I never tried cereal in soap making or candle making but it looks like a lot of fun and something nice to hand out to friends at church.


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