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Our Love is Sweeter Than Pan Dulce

I made this pan dulce painting, and the process came with a life lesson. Since opening Mucho Más Art Studio, I’ve been creating new pieces right and left to build stock in the shop. That includes paintings! I’ve already sold two of them and thought I’d start posting the finished pieces here.

This one is called Our Love is Sweeter Than Pan Dulce and is dedicated to families and/or couples who know that the foundation of a good relationship is to stop and savor the sweetness of life. With love and working through things together, it takes a team! I have Patrick to thank for that spirit!

“Our Love is Sweeter Than Pan Dulce,” by Kathy Cano-Murillo. acrylic on canvas, 40″x30.” SOLD

And you know what, this can also go for self-love. Celebrate the things in your life that make you smile and bring hope. We all certainly need that these days!

Here is the backstory on this painting.

I had the sketch done, I came up with the title first: “Conchas Heart” – but then I was having trouble bringing the painting to life to fit that title.

Patrick came over to assess the situation. He noticed I was stressed out.

“I just want to hurry and finish this painting and it’s not working the way I want,” I whined.

He shook his head and took the paintbrush from my hand. “Wrong attitude,” he said. “It won’t work if all you think about is hurrying to finish. When you paint, you have to create a relationship with what you are creating, you have to have patience and let it tell you its story. You have to let it enchant you, so when it’s all done, it will enchant anyone who looks at it.”

Of course, that just made me start bawling like a baby. He was right. Painting a canvas is not like cranking out a dozen mugs, which I can make it my sleep because the process comes easily to me. But for painting, I have to turn off my inner “machine mode” and take it slow. Stroke by stroke. Meaning behind each one. I went to bed and woke up at six the next morning. I marched straight to the art room and finished. and yes, definitely with a better attitude.

As far as the title, I knew exactly what this painting wanted to say: Our love is sweeter than pan dulce!

This piece is sold.

Have a great night, everyone! May it be sweeter than pan dulce!

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