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How To Reuse LED Lights In Your DIY Decor


How to reuse holiday lights in your decor

Christmas is almost here, and it’s time to deck the halls. But what happens to all those decorations once the holiday season is over? Should you get rid of all those Christmas lights? Definitely not; LED string lights are a useful and surprisingly energy-efficient lighting option that can also act as unique decor.

More and more people today are using LED lighting both normally in their home and as decor. In fact, in 2019, LEDs are estimated to achieve a 53 percent penetration of the global lighting market. Instead of wasting your Christmas lights, try repurposing them into some of these decor options.

Eco-Friendly Lighting Additions

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If you’re in need of a bit of extra lighting in your room, try to repurpose those LEDs in a creative way that can also cut down on your energy bill. Put LED string lights in a glass bottle or wrap them around an interesting vase or sculpture to create a unique lamp.

Not only is this a way to add a bit of bright decor to your space, but it can help you cut down on your energy bill too. The US Department of Energy believes LED lighting has the potential to reduce US energy usage by nearly 50%; imagine how that would look for your energy spending!

Illuminated Accent Pieces

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If you’re not looking to add additional lighting to your space, you can still make use of those LEDs to draw attention to other spaces in your home. Try putting up LEDs underneath cabinets to help give your kitchen that extra glow. (This can also help you avoid tripping when moving around the kitchen at night!)

You don’t necessarily have to use LEDs across an entire room, however. LED lighting can be wrapped around a mirror or another accent piece to highlight your existing decor. If you’re looking for new decor, turn your LED lights into a piece of new decor: hang photos from string lights, wrap them around wire to bend them into shapes for wall hangings, the possibilities are endless.

With a bit of ingenuity and creativity, your Christmas decorations don’t have to get boxed up at the end of the holiday season. There are plenty of ways to turn your favorite holiday decoration into your new favorite year-round home decor. By reusing your LED lights, you can save energy and decorate your home at the same time. How do you plan to repurpose your LED Christmas lights this year?

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