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Day of the Dead Barbie DIY

Have you seen the new Day of the Dead Barbie? Actually – her title is Barbie® Dia De Muertos Doll, which I actually like better, it sounds classy!

This muertos Barbie is beautiful but very costly at $75. I’m not a collector, but I’m inspired by collectibles. Therefore, I present to you – a Day of the Dead Barbie DIY! I saw the doll and immediately knew I wanted to paint my own version. Yes, I’ve seen other artists do renditions throughout the years, like Pearmama’s gorgeous versions!

I not only made one I also taught a class with Patrick last night at our shop!

Here’s a Day of the Dead Barbie DIY video to guide you along!

YouTube video


  • A Barbie doll! You can check the dollar store for dolls, thrift stores or buy some $5 “water play” Barbies.
  • Multi-surface craft paint.
  • Fine tip liner brushes and a head pin (used in jewelry making).
  • Doll dress or scrap fabrics, trims.
  • Gems, small flowers.
  • Glues.
  • Wood base and a stick to create a “stand for her.”
  • Dremel.
  • Water-based varnish, brush-on.
Make your own Day of the Dead Barbie! #craftychica #dayofthedeadbarbie #paintedbarbie #muertosbarbie
I like this version because her swimsuit is painted on, which means she is a blank canvas for dressmaking!

Tie back her hair. Start by painting her face white, then let dry and give her another coat. Let dry and then use your liner brush to add detail. Use the headpin to make teeny dots! Let dry and then coat with a layer of water-based varnish to act as a sealer.

Make your own Day of the Dead Barbie! #craftychica #dayofthedeadbarbie #paintedbarbie #muertosbarbie

Alrighty, dress her up!

Make your own Day of the Dead Barbie! #craftychica #dayofthedeadbarbie #paintedbarbie #muertosbarbie

This next part is kinda..um, weird? Okay, if you want to leave your Barbie freestanding, then you’re all done. But if you want her to be on display, you’ll need a stand. To make the stand, we drilled a small hole into a block of wood, then glued a wire hanger (or bamboo skewer will work). Then we drilled between her legs and placed her on the wire, you may have to trim it so her feet touch the wood base. Then hot glue her feet to the base.

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Make your own Day of the Dead Barbie! #craftychica #dayofthedeadbarbie #paintedbarbie #muertosbarbie

You can do this part before or after you add her dress. And you can paint the base as well. Finish by adding flowers and other embellishments to your muertos Barbie!

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Make your own Day of the Dead Barbie! #craftychica #dayofthedeadbarbie #paintedbarbie #muertosbarbie

If you live in Phoenix, we’re teaching another class this Tuesday night! Click here to see the details, we bring everything, you just show up and create!


Have a crafty get-together, have everyone bring a blank Barbie to paint.

Create a Muertos Barbie gift basket of supplies to give to a friend.

Make some for your muertos ofrenda!

Make some for your organization and then have a silent auction to raise funds.

What ideas do you have?

Do me a favor and share this post with someone who you think would like it! 🙂

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