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How to make beautiful Sari Ribbon Earrings

How to make sari ribbon earrings #craftychica

The folks from Plaid Crafts recently sent me some of their new Mod Podge Ultra and I couldn’t wait to try it out. However, the ideas were endless as to what to do first. I came across a batch of sari ribbon I purchased from Darn Good Yarn and thought I’d combine the two. I ended up making some fabulous earrings!

Mod Podge Ultra Review #craftychica #modpodgeultra

I made a video of the process because I had so much fun and loved how these sari ribbon earrings turned out – boutique quality! I happened to show them to some jewelry buyers – and well, watch the video to see how it went!

How to make sari ribbon earrings with Mod Podge Ultra!

SUPPLIES for sari ribbon earrings:

Mod Podge Ultra, Matte

Sari ribbon – these are from Darn Good Yarn, it comes in all different kinds of textures and patterns.

Hoop earring findings – If you use these, make sure to superglue the ends closed because they open so you can slide beads on them. and you don’t even have to use hoops, you can use wood pieces, scrabble tiles, anything that you can wrap the ribbon around and turn into an earring!

Small clothespins to hold the fabric in place while it dries.

Earring hooks

Directions for sari ribbon earrings: 

Choose the ribbon you want to use and cut a 12″ strand.

Tie it to the top of one side of the earring hoop. Use super glue to glue the hoop ends (if they are the kind that snap open)

Prime the pump of the Mod Podge Ultra and then spray the hoop on both sides.

Wrap the ribbon around the hoop. Tie off at the end or use a clothespin to have it dry in place from the Mod Podge Ultra.

How to make sari ribbon earrings #craftychica

Add more embellishments to your sari ribbon earrings or wear as is!

If you like these earrings, check out my other tutorial for a similar idea where I added beads!

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