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Clothing Hack! 3 Painted Jacket DIYs

I love this clothing hack so much, so I’m excited to share my painted jacket diy with all of you! Many people are thinking about condensing. Buying less clothing from stores and looking to thrift shops, clothing swaps, and my fave – makeovers of what you already have. This is an easy weekend project to give new life to a stale jacket in your closet.

Here in Phoenix, we hardly need bulky outerwear, so I rely on lightweight jackets like the ones in this tutorial to get through the cold season. Not just any jacket, but one that is fun and fabulous – right? Here is a video showing the process I made for a recent batch of jackets!

Special thanks to my friend, Sonia Alejandra of Mujerón Movement for modeling!

YouTube video

Painted DIY Jacket Supplies

Jackets ready to be painted! #craftychica #clothinghack

Cotton or rayon jacket

Large patch, if desired

One-step fabric dye

Fabric paint

Puffy Paint

Brushes, cup of water, plastic bag to cover dye area.


If you want to dye your jacket, wash it and leave it damp. Cover your work area with a paper bag and wear plastic gloves. Add water to the dye and shake, and coat the jacket generously. Wrap in the plastic and let set for six hours. Wash in the sink until it runs clear, then wash in the machine, dry and iron.

Use heavy-duty thread to stitch on the patch.

Start by painting your designs in white, let dry then add the bright colors. Let dry. If desired, outline with black puffy paint!

Embellished jacket #craftychica #clothinghack Painted jacket diy Painted jacket by Kathy Cano-Murillo #craftychica

All of these are now sold, except for the green one!

How to paint a jacket


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