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Podcast #22: Introducing the Mucho Motivation podcast!

The Crafty Chica podcast is back – except now it’s called The Mucho Motivation podcast! You know, after recording more than twenty episodes of the Crafty Chica podcast, I took a break. And then it turned into an extended break.

I decided I wanted to shut it down altogether, so I signed on to my Audioboom dashboard and was stunned to see how many listeners were tuning in! The next day I received not one – but two messages from people who told me they loved the show and wanted to know when more episodes would come.

Well, it totally activated my enthusiasm.

Talk about a message from the universe, right? I took it seriously and really thought about how I can best serve people via this platform. The one question people often ask is how I stay motivated. I had bought the URL Mucho Motivation a few years back and knew it would be the perfect fit.

So here we are for the upgrade! I feel like motivation is part of my DNA, I always have a list of reasons why I want to do things. I thought I’d share my methods with all of you. My sole purpose is to get each one of you to follow the arrows to what makes you happy!

I’m super hyped because I’m putting together episodes featuring the people who inspire and motivate me, plus I’ll share from my own experiences.

Now to kick this off – let me tell you my mindset when it comes to motivation.

One – I’ve spent my whole life making “does this make me happy” the top goal. Feeling good is my motivation. The magic comes when you feel good about what you are doing. Sit down and write down what truly makes you happy – and be super specific. Rather than “spending time with my kids” maybe make it “having conversations with my daughter” or “getting involved more with my kid’s interest, supporting them and showing them I care”

Here’s why – I remember when I wrote, “I want to work at the newspaper, that will make me so happy!” Then I scored a job as a customer service rep and HATED it. I quit in a week. I told them I came down with pneumonia! I was so bummed because I thought I blew my chance, then I drilled down to specifics. What kind of job did I REALLY want at the paper? I wanted to see my name as a byline. in print.  I wanted to work in the newsroom. And with no journalism degree, I managed to not only find the motivation to land an interview but a job as a news clerk – which ultimately turned into a nationally syndicated columnist.

It was then when I really took my motivation seriously.

Know why you are motivated. Is it money, job title, to travel, etc. Or even ego. Be truthful with yourself about the motivation behind your goals. Why do you want this? BE HONEST, don’t hold back. Write it down and say it out loud.

The answers to those top two items will help you decide if you are going the ‘baby step’ route or the ‘dive right in’ method. It’s funny because for smaller tasks I dive right in. For my bigger goals, I do a bit each day. But you know what? I did that a lot last year and I hardly moved the needle on my biggest goal. Doing that is my fear showing up with a paintbrush and glitter, luring me away from the difficult work.

This year, I flipped it. More time for the big stuff, diving in! No more productive procrastination.

Address your internal excuses. You know what I’m talking about – “I’m not ready yet!” Check out Episode 19 of this podcast, when I interview Happy Lopez about Imposter Syndrome. You don’t need classes or money to get rolling. You can start right now on what you want. The sooner you dive in, the sooner you’ll know if this is what you really want. If you love it, go take those classes to help you level up.

Other shows mentioned in this Mucho Motivation Podcast episode:
#19: How to Beat Imposter Syndrome, w/ guest Harry Lopez
#12: 6 Tips to Make an Epic Vision Board

#10. Seven Layers of WHY! Juicy Business Tips!

Five things to think about when it comes to motivation:
1. Does this make me happy?
2. Why do I feel compelled to do this, what do I want/expect to get from it?
3. Baby steps or dive right in?
4. Combatting Imposter Syndrome.
5. Knowing I am meant to make a mark on the world!

I hope you’ll stay tuned to The Mucho Motivation Podcast!





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