Crafty Chica Paper Craft Line: Customer Projects!

Crafty Chica product line on HSN

Have you seen the Crafty Chica product line on HSN? I had my second appearance in early May and it has been so fun to see all the awesome projects customers have been making with the papers, dies, stamps, and other items I designed.

I partnered with The Maker’s Movement to create this cheery and affirmational line exclusively for the Home Shopping Network (HSN)! The line originally launched last fall and did really well so I came back for a second round. 


This has truly been a dream come true. I totally feel like I manifested this opportunity. And a bunch of others. I plan to do a video about it soon, as soon as I can catch my breath! But until then, I really want to share all the cool things people made! A lot of it is sold out, but there are still a few pieces available!

Okay, let’s do this!

Morena’s Corner

WOW! I saw this and it stopped me mid-snip! I literally gasped in delight. She made an explosion box! Here is her tutorial on how to make one too!

Crafty Chica Exploding Card Box Tutorial

Crafty Chica Radiant Gift Box Tutorial

Crafty Chica Gracias Gift Box Tutorial

Thank you to Morena for making these fabulous projects!

Amor To Create

Betzy made the cutest banner with the papel picado die, and she even showed a video how to use it! I love the way she layered the papers and then used the embellishments in the center, it really makes everything pop!

Here is the metal die in action!

Create Studio Fresno

Rina, owner of Create Studio Fresno, owns a paper crafting studio in Fresno, CA and always makes beautiful and artful greeting cards. She also whips up a lot of card kits that she sells in her store and in her Facebook group. For this card, she used one of the Crafty Chica papers, and stamps.

Charlie Mie Artist

She is absolutely so cool, look at all the Crafty Chica goodies she has. She even has my very first book!

Just Yolie

Wow, I can feel the energy radiating from this! She lined the back of the card with one of the Crafty Chica papers, then used the papel picado die and even ran some yarn through the holes at the top. I’m pretty sure you can remove it to hang. Genius!


Candy is my manager and helps me with all the things! She also used the papel picado die to make a fun and glittery card!


This is my friend Jane and she is an avid and muy talented paper crafter and card maker! Here she is opening the package!

and in this post, she shows a card she made. I’m here posting all these right now and still can’t believe this all happened, can I wipe a tear for a sec????


Myssy snapped a pic of one of the ultimate bundles – it has EVERYTHING! It makes me so happy that she is so happy!

Okay, now it’s my turn to add one. I used my Crafty Chica stamps to make…Crafty Chica mugs! I made these before the holidays and had a blast using my cling stamps to make impressions into the clay.

After I added the handles, I left the clay mugs dry and then fired them to bisque in my kiln. After that I added the underglazes and fired them again. They came out better than I expected. The cling stamps work perfectly for paper crafting, but can also be used in mixed media, jewelry art, and of course – ceramics!

LINK TO BUY Crafty Chica stamps for HSN

Thank you so much for checking out these projects made by these awesome creative amigas using the Crafty Chica paper craft line. I’m so happy they felt inspired enough to make such fun and creative projects. I can’t wait to see more. Let me know if you have made anything from the product line!

By the way – here is a sneak peek of some of the new fabrics I designed for Riley Blake Fabrics.

And here is a sneak peek of one of my upcoming greeting cards!

And another sneak peek of a new mug set for paint-on-pottery studios!


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  1. I’m so bummed I live on the East coast. I have been harrassing the only Michael’s in NY to carry the line and the manager is like it’s not on the truck! ARGH! He’s hopeful it will be there for Friday. Fingers, eyes and legs crossed 🙂

  2. I’m so excited about your product line!! thursday is payday so on friday i will be at the closest michaels to buy buy buy. wheee

    even better soon we will have a new michaels out here in the sticks


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