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How to Make Air-Dry Clay Ornaments!

Easy air dry clay ornaments

You’ll love making these these air-dry clay ornaments! They are inexpensive, easy to craft, and come out looking so juicy and cheery. I crafted these for Christmas, but you can use any cookie cutters to theme them for any time of the year. They make great little giveaways, party favors, gift tags, chunky canvases to paint on or just plain and simple wall art!

Check out my video for air-dry clay ornaments HERE.

YouTube video

You can buy a tub of this clay from the craft store (use your 40% off coupon!) or online. I have some links below to help you.

Air-dry clay is such a great way to introduce yourself to ceramics without investing a lot of money. I found this clay to be very close to working with the clay I use for my fired ceramics. You can spend time practicing, so when you go to a ceramics studio, you will already have the hang of it!

I haven’t used it on the wheel, but I know it works for hand building!

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hand built ceramic bowl


Air dry clay

DecoArt craft paints (click on photo to purchase)

Wood rulers


Rolling pin

Printer paper

Craft knife

House cookie cutter

Gloss varnish

air dry clay ornaments

Set down the paper and then add the two wood rulers (they can be paint stirrers) on either side. This is to achieve an even thickness for your air-dry clay ornaments.

Pinch off a piece of clay about the size of a softball, roll it between your hands to make it smooth and firm, set it down on the paper and use the rolling pin to flatten it out until it is level with the wood rulers.

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air dry clay ornaments

Use the cookie cutter to make an ornament.

air dry clay ornaments

Add details by cutting out shapes from another piece of clay. I cut out little hearts for each one!

air dry clay ornaments

Don’t forget to add a hole at the top so you can hang your air-dry clay ornament!

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air dry clay ornaments

Perfection! Let them dry for at least 24 hours. Press one on your cheek, if it feels cold, it needs to dry more. 

air dry clay ornaments

Once they have dried rock hard, scrape off any excess clay to make the edges smooth.

air dry clay ornaments

Add your painted designs to each one!

air dry clay ornaments

Add lettering or use a head pin to make little dots. I painted each one different!

air dry clay ornaments

Add a coat of brush-on varnish. you can also use a spray sealer if desired.

air dry clay ornaments

Add twine to hang and show off your new air-dry clay ornaments!

air dry clay ornaments

Which one is your favorite?I love all of them!air dry clay ornaments

Okay, maybe you don’t feel like making ornaments…in that case, check out the ones I have for sale in my shop!


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