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19 DIY magical fairy light decor ideas

In need of light decor ideas? Fairy lights, holiday lights, string lights – all are happy opportunities for a new look. They are all a versatile and affordable way to add a touch of warmth and charm to any room in your home.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy ambiance or add a bit of sparkle to your decor, there are countless fairy lights decor Ideas to incorporate mini lights into your space.

And this time of year, these lights are aplenty! Buy up a few packs and get creative!

You can purchase these mini lights on Amazon (or Walmart, Michaels, etc). They are inexpensive and last forever. You can buy LED, battery-powered, or electric mini-lights.

I tend to go with the battery-powered mini lights only because you can do so many more things with them because you don’t have to worry about a plugin nearby!

So, I guess if you are reading this, then you want ideas for mini-lights, right? I have included light decoration ideas for you below (19 to be exact!). Hopefully, the list below will get your creative juices flowing!

light decor ideas

19 DIY Creative Mini Light Decor Ideas

Below are the best ways to use up the bunch of string lights you have laying around! Let’s get to these inspiring ideas!

String Lights on Your Headboard:

Create a dreamy and romantic vibe in your bedroom by stringing mini lights along your headboard.

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This will add a cozy ambiance and warm glow to your bedroom and we know everyone loves cozier bedrooms, right? This makes for a great nighttime light source (kind of like night lights), for your bedroom.

Light Up Your Bookshelf:

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Add some interest to your bookshelf by weaving mini lights around your books. This will give your space a warm and inviting glow, perfect for curling up with a good book.

Patio lights from mini pots

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Make use of those mini-pots and create a light set for the patio!


DIY Lighted Flower Garland:

diy flower lights

Make your own lighted garland by battery-operated wrapping mini lights around a piece of greenery, flowers, leaves, or whatever as long as it is connected and a garland. 

This is a great way to add a touch of whimsy to your decor, and it’s easy to customize to match your style! You can find garlands at the dollar store, Amazon, or any craft store.

Illuminate Your Mirror:

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Add some Hollywood glamour to your vanity by framing your mirror with sparkly mini lights.

This will not only provide ample lighting for your makeup application (SO important!!!), but it will also create a stunning and dramatic effect on your mirror.

It will also look so pretty and make the room feel so cozy! There is nothing better than little sparkly lights everywhere!

Light Up Your Outdoor Space:

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Don’t limit your mini lights to the indoors! String them up outside to create a magical and enchanting atmosphere in your backyard.

A great place to string up some mini lights is on a deck (if you have one!). You can also string some up around a swimming pool or hot tub! Obviously use safety measures if they are electrical and opt for battery-powered LED lights instead!

Whether you’re hosting a summer barbecue or simply enjoying a quiet evening under the stars, mini-lights are a must-have for any outdoor space!

Create a Mini Light Photo Display:

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Show off your favorite memories and pictures of your loved ones by creating a mini light photo display with a unique look.

Simply clip your photos onto a string of mini lights and hang them on your wall. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your decor, and it’s perfect for a dorm room, teen bedroom (my friend’s daughter does this!), or apartment. So many fun possibilities!

DIY Lighted Gift Jars:

light decor ideas

A cute and bright way to give a gift card gift. You can also fill with candy, or any other treats.


Lighted Mason Jars

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This is one of my favorite ways to use mini lights! You can easily transform an ordinary glass jar into stunning light sources by adding mini lights inside (battery-powered ones of course!). This is a fun and easy Mini Light Decor Idea that will add a touch of rustic charm to any room in your living space!

Light Up Your Staircase:


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Add a warm and inviting glow to your staircase by lining the steps with mini lights. I wish we had stairs because I would do this to my home.

It would be so pretty (and cozy!) to have stairs lit up in the night, so you don’t trip and fall over them! And, no having to turn on lights! Such a cute way to make stairs fun!

Illuminate Your Wine Bottles:


Light up wine bottles✨🎄🎅🏻❤️

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Create a stunning centerpiece by filling empty wine bottles with mini lights. This is an easy and affordable way to decorate a table when you are having guests over.

This is kind of like the mason jars I mentioned above but with wine bottles instead. Wine bottles tend to have some color to them, so if you put white lights in the bottle, it would give off the color of the bottles onto the walls and ceiling. That would be so pretty!

Add Some Sparkle to Your Curtains:

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Hang mini lights behind your sheer curtains to create a magical and whimsical effect making your room a cozy and warm feeling. I love this idea, especially for the colder months! There is just something about having decorative lights that make me happy!

Light Up Your Artwork:

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Highlight your favorite artwork by framing it with mini lights. This will create a stunning and dramatic effect that’s perfect for a gallery wall.

I like this idea for a kid’s playroom! Your kids would feel so proud seeing (and showing off!) their artwork to their friends! This brings any artwork to the next level! So fun!

DIY Lighted Flower Arrangement:

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Easily create a beautiful flower arrangement by adding mini lights to your vase of faux flowers.

This is a great way to add some sparkle to your table and makes a beautiful focal point! I like to buy fake flowers from craft stores like Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby (even Dollar Store because they are SO cheap but good quality!).

Then, string the fairy lights in between the flowers in the vase or container, and hide the battery pack behind the container. Easy! And it turns out SO pretty! This would be so pretty to do for an outdoor wedding! You can never have too many lights for your big day!

Light Up Your Fireplace:

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Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere by adding mini lights to your fireplace mantel – use red and orange lights to create the look of a fire! We use clear wall hooks so that they don’t show up, to hang the accent lights.

This will add a touch of warmth and charm to your living room or bedroom (wherever it is you have a fireplace). There is something about twinkly lights that make everything cozier! It is amazing what a little added light can do for a room!

Create a Lighted Canopy:

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Transform your bedroom into a dreamy and romantic oasis by creating a lighted canopy over your bed.

Simply hang mini lights from the ceiling and drape them over your bed securing the ends of the string lights to your wall (a little bit away from your bed) so it stays put.

This is a great option for any bedroom in your home but especially kid’s rooms as they love the soft ambient lights glowing around their beds!

Light Up Your Balcony:

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Add some glowing charm to your balcony by stringing mini lights around the railings. This will create a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxing on a summer evening!

Bring out some comfy lounge chairs for your seating area, and warm blankets, and don’t forget to turn on some soft music!

DIY Lighted Terrarium:

YouTube video

Create a pretty terrarium by adding mini lights to your glass container. You can purchase tiny fake plants and fake moss at the local craft store and arrange them in a jar or clear container.

Add some fake moss around the plants to cover up the mechanics of it all. This is a great way to add some warmth and soft light to your little terrarium! This is a simple DIY project that turns out so pretty and you can use these in any room in your home! They would look so pretty in a bathroom!

Light Up Your Plants:

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More light decor ideas: Wrap your mini lights around the bottom part of your indoor plants and wind them up to the top of your plants (only if they are sturdy enough, heartier plants do better with this!). This will add a touch of lighted ambiance to your plants!

LED Resin Table:


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This resin table is brilliant! Another idea for fairy light decor: Create a cozy and inviting dinner table for your family and guests by wrapping mini lights around your dining table. I like to go from the top to the bottom of the table legs.

This idea might take more than one string of lights to achieve the glowing look you are wanting to achieve! But, totally worth it!

Light Up Your Lamps:

light decor ideas
Light decor ideas: Make your own version of this by wrapping mini-lights around a chandelier.


I know this sounds weird but hear me out! I love decorating my longer lamps with little twinkle lights! I use battery-powered string lights and wrap them all the way up the longer lamps in my home.

It turns out so pretty and I love it! You can do this with any lamp in your home like table lamps too but like I said, I do it on longer lamps like a floor lamp. Makes my dining room have a magical atmosphere feel to it!

Which is your fave?

There are so many fun and beautiful ways to use mini lights and fairy light decor in your everyday home decor. From light-up jars to a cozy bedroom headboard and so much more, you can use string lights for pretty much anything in your home!

There is nothing that makes me feel comfier than little fairy lights glistening in my home or deck area! It just makes me feel happier! 

How do you decorate with mini lights? Do you have an idea not listed above that you would like to share? If you do, please leave me a comment below! As I would love to try out your idea in my home!

I hope you love these mini light decor and fairy light decor ideas!

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