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How to get crafty with your kids!

Here is how to get crafty with your kids – check out these ideas!

How to get crafty with your kids:

Crafting with your kids is a big deal. They will remember the experience into adulthood. Kids who spend time working side by side with their parents often grow up to become more outspoken individuals who work well with others.

On the other hand, kids that work alone tend to have more difficulty opening up to their parents. Hence, parents should make time for their kids to know about their daily activities, their worries, their hopes, dreams, and so on.

Plus, getting crafty with your child can give them a much-needed break from technology and media.

Benefits of crafting with your kids:

How to get crafty with your kids

Creating beautiful memories.

Exploring various creative activities.

Showing your kids how children to relax.

Teaching your child to work with their hands.

Boosting confidence!

Teaching your child teamwork

Here’s how to get crafty with your kids:

hand painted rock
Decorate rocks and exchange them.


Before anything, take time to connect with your kid to see what they are into. If they have a favorite video game, maybe you guys can use colored pencils to draw the characters. If they like camping, you can create a little campy retreat in the back yard. 

Once you are both on the same page – it is time to put those creative skills to use!

Taking photos

piñata photo frames

How to make a clay photo stand

Photo cactus garden

Piñata Craft: How to make photo frames from cardboard boxes

Paper crafts

pan dulce greeting card
Greeting card craft from the Crafty Colores retreat.

20 Things to make with tissue paper

How to make shaker cards

Dollar Tree Craft: DIY Notepads


Buenas Vibras print by Crafty Chica #latinxart

Painted wood frames

Simple and creative watercolor practice ideas

Reverse painted glassware


family coloring pages

Free Printable pan dulce word search & coloring packet

Fee coloring pages!

Make your own family coloring pages

Jewelry making

How to make clay roses

Concha clay jewelry!

No-sew craft: How to make zipper bracelets

DIY Fabric wrist cuff

Make sure to think about these things:

— Is the environment friendly for a child? In other words; are there any distractions such as TV noise, or other children playing around?

— Do you have all the right tools you need? If so, does your child know how to use them?

— Does your child enjoy the craft? Chances are if your child doesn’t enjoy the craft, you won’t get their best participation, which means they will eventually lose interest in partaking in other crafting projects.

Thanks for checking out how to get crafty with your kids!

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