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Shrink Plastic Pins & Earrings with Resin

Shrink Plastic Pins & Jewelry

This shrink plastic pins tutorial is pretty cool – I added a topper – RESIN! It adds a nice, shiny, polished look to your final pieces. They will have a nice domed finish, making them even more irresistible! I made earrings as well as pins. I was inspired because Grafix Arts sent me a package of goodies to try out!

Shrink plastic in a variety of colors Check out the pre-printed pattern sheet on top – so cool! Okay, so I put together an Amazon shopping list of supplies!

You can click on the title to see my list or just read it below, you may already have some of these supplies!

Supply list for Shrink Plastic Pins with Resin

Clear shrink plastic sheet

Scissors, black permanent marker

Colored pencils or markers

Hole punch and clutch pins and/or earring hooks, jump rings

2-part resin, mixing cup and stirrer

Wax paper

Heat gun (also known as an embossing gun)

Heat-resistant surface

Here is my Shrink Plastic Pin & Earring video! (click on the title if the video is not shown below)

YouTube video

I made all the shrink plastic pieces and shrunk them down (watch the video to see), and I was about to add a brush on gloss varnish, but you know, I knew it wouldn’t be dimensional the way I wanted. So I opted for my beloved resin.Resin in progressTo make shrink plastic pins or earrings:

Cut a sheet of the shrink plastic in quarters, this is you want pieces that will end up about 2-1/2″ in size. Cut your shapes and use the black pen to draw your outlines, then fill in with colored pencil or marker.

Shrink plastic jewelry

To shrink: You can read the package directions to make in the oven or use a heat gun. Don’t forget to use a hole punch before you shrink your work, but even if you forget, it’s okay. You can use a handheld rotary device.

Shrink plastic pinsTo add resin:

Mix the two-parts in a plastic cup with a stirrer. Let set for eight minutes to release the gas bubbles. Line your work area with wax paper. Use a chopstick to carefully add a drop of resin to the top of each piece. Move it around with the stick.

Shrink plastic jewelryLet your pieces set for at least eight-hours until the resin is fully cured. Remove from the wax paper and use small scissors to trim away any excess resin that spilled over. Drill through the holes if needed. I used e6000 to trim the above set of earrings with crystal trim.

Shrink plastic pins

Add some e6000 and attach the clutch pin to the backs of your pieces. Or add the jewelry findings if you made earrings. As a final touch, I used a silver paint pen to outline the edges.

Shrink plastic jewelry

I love the silver pen, it’s permanent and really adds a nice, finish to the overall look! I hope you liked my shrink plastic pins! And thank you to Grafix Arts for the awesome samples, I’m excited to see what else I can make!

And I want to see what you make!

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8 thoughts on “Shrink Plastic Pins & Earrings with Resin”

  1. Hi, Kathy, I’m a faithful follower of you. I love this craft and got a question. Can you transfer pictures to the shrink plastic? If so, how? Can you print on it with the printer? Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Kathy
    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all the beautiful art. I first learned from you in the Nely Galan adelante program. Me encanta todo mi favorita es la taza mi Cafecito. I will look for it at Etsy. God bless you. Best of luck on everything you do.

  3. Dear Kathy,
    I loved this article and I purchased the 50 page shrink plastic from your amazon store, but for some reason the package says clear, but the pages are matte. My work doesn’t come as pretty as it should and I would need to buy another package that is clear. I would like to return what I got. I only used 2-3 pages trying to figure out what I was doing wrong until I realized it was the wrong product.
    Please let me know what to do. I am not used to buying through Amazon.
    Thank you.
    Ana Gosney

  4. Shrink Art is one of my top five crafts. I never tire watching them shrink! How fun! It’s magic. I prefer Shrinky Dink film products to Graffix Film, but we all have our preferences. I love your finished earring and pins. Kathy, you have such a natural way of doing things and I love that you bring your ideas to us. Thank you for that. Keep on keeping on, Kathy. You are amazing.


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