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Graduation Party Centerpieces

Add the grad's quote to centerpieces for a fun family-mingling experience!
Add the grad’s quote to centerpieces for a fun family-mingling experience!

NOTE: This is a project I made in 2008 for my son’s high school graduation. Now that my daughter is graduating in two weeks, I’m going to do the same for her. Here is the story behind the project (and the tutorial).

Graduation Party Centerpieces! Last month, I undertook the daunting task of creating centerpieces for my son’s high-school graduation party.

The guest list was long and diverse. I knew these table decorations had to serve a purpose beyond looking cute. They needed to be icebreakers – captivating enough to motivate attendees to wander around just to look at each one. I’m not shy to say that I’m proud of the end result.

I decorated 10 wood blocks, each with a stand-up photo of my son at a different age. And I put cute quotes he said throughout his life on them.

My master plan worked! People looked at their centerpiece and then became curious to see what the others looked like. Eventually, the party turned into one mingle-friendly celebration. This is a great idea for anniversaries, birthdays, memorial services, even Father’s Day.

Color copy of a head shot of the person
Reverse color copy head shot of the person
1 sheet of foam core
Hot knife
Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue Sticks
2 different quotes from the person printed on separate pieces of paper (sized to fit within the block)
1 wood cube, 5-inch square
Scrapbook paper
Adhesive for paper
Assorted embellishments
Hot glue

1. Cut out both copies of the head shot. Use one of them to trace a pattern on the foam core.

2. Use the hot knife to cut out the shape. Use the glue stick to glue one picture on each side. Note: This is why one picture needs to be reversed. Set aside.

3. Take the quotes and using the glue stick, affix each one to a matching piece of foam core.

4. Cover the sides of the cube with scrapbook paper using the adhesive. On two opposing sides, glue on the quotes. On the other two sides, add embellishments.

5. Hot glue along the bottom of the foam core of the head shots and set it on top of the cube. Use different photos and quotes for multiple centerpieces.

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