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Loteria Wine Glass Charms

My friend Kelly Hale made these Loteria wine glass charms for one of my craft books, and I thought I’d share them here too. They are so cute and take a few minutes to make!

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Loteria cards (linked to Amazon!)

OR – you can use a MINI Loteria set.

Glue stick


Jump rings



Needle nose pliers

Wine charm holder


Cut out the cards you want and glue them together. Trim edges to look nice and even. Poke a hole at the top and bottom. Attach the wine charm holder to the top of the card (you can find these at the craft store) and then at the bottom add a jump ring. Thread a bead on a headpin and use the needle nose pliers to insert and close around the jump ring.

If you want, you can laminate the Loteria cards before, so they won’t get ruined in case of spills.

This lovely project is from my book: The Crafty Chica Collection!

Linocuts and block printing tutorial

Crafty Chica Loteria Frame


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