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Doodled Lampshade

Don’t keep your creativity in the dark; shed some light with a collage of color with this doodled lampshade. I used all kinds of paints, markers, glitters and more to bring it to life!

Paint, markers, puffy paint

Paintbrushes – flat, round, liner


  1. Use the Tango Permanent Fabric Markers to draw and fill in blocks of color around the entire lampshade. Let dry.
  2. Squeeze a puddle of the Crystal Paint Writer onto foil and use the flat paintbrush to brush a coat of glitter paint all over the lampshade to make it sparkle. Let dry.
  3. Use a pencil to sketch desired wording and designs onto color blocks. Squeeze puddles of desired colors of paints onto foil then paint over designs with round and liner brushes. Let dry.


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