Crochet Bicycle Dress Guard

If you’re a crafty type who loves to wear dresses and ride bikes, here is a project just for you! It’s a crocheted dress guard! Not only is it beautiful and ornamental, but it also serves a great function. These have been featured all over the interwebs, but I happened to spot them on one of my favorite knit and crochet blogs, Las Teje y Maneje. I have yet to actually find a pattern, but below is a link where you can buy one from Semeli (manufacturers). If any of you do find a patern, please share!

From the blog:
Simeli is a Dutch company that is dedicated to creating bicycle crochet ornaments, or what they themselves call “Dress Guard” (as the Dutch dictionary is a coating that partially covers the rear wheel of the bicycle to prevent it from catching with a jacket or a skirt). Thus, the “Dress Guard” is considered a symbol of the emancipation of women, power cycling even wearing long skirts.”

Read more from Crochet Bicycle Dress Guard at Las Teje y Maneje


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  1. I am sure that it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate this. Luckily I have a bike on which to put them! This should be a fun fall project. 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of it, Kathy. I had seen them before but now I’m more motivated to make one! 🙂

  2. Nifty project. It looks fairly easy to make too. Basically, you increase a stitch on the end of each row (on each side). Kinda like making a very small triangle or poncho.

  3. The pattern i just sent you, is on the website of a dutch museum in a particular religious town. So it is not only a symbol of emancipation, but also of the opposite: women were not allowed to wear trousers in that dutch town, so they had to wear a skirt on a bike! But thats history now i guess….

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