IKEA HACK: Dombas Wardrobe Closet into Craft Storage

I’ve been working on redoing my art studio since July and it’s finally finished! I’ll share some deets about what I did to pull it all together. For starters, I used to have cheap plastic shelving and I hated it, it looked so cheesy and messy. This time I went with two wardrobe storage closets from IKEA, and we hacked them!

There is one area meant to hang clothing. We added extra shelves.

I used the tried and true clear boxes with labels. I LOVE being so organized! It makes creating easy and fun. I still get ultra messy, I just make sure to clean up after I’m done.

We painted the cabinets and I added magnetic paint on one side (see to the right?) and corkboard on the other. I used paint to draw fun borders.

For the second cabinet, I did the same, except I made it strictly for fabric. Between the two closets, we made a shelving unit to hold the TV and finished art. My favorite part is that I can use the top of the cabinets to hold all my beloved collectibles!



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  1. It looks great. How did you attach the extra shelves ? And how did you made the corkboard stick to the front. I would like to pimp my dombas with a mirror and a coat hangar but I can’t seem to find the right glue.

  2. Very creative. I, too, would really love to know how you installed the extra shelves. Can’t wait to make better use of my Dombas.

    1. I had my woodworker do it for me – he added a long strip of wood going from the front to back and glued/screwed it in place and then added the shelf on top of that. hope this helps!

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