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HOW TO: DIY Tie Dye Yarn


Here’s how to tie dye yarn! I hate it when I go to buy yarn and can’t find the color combos I want. Someday, I REALLY want to have my own yarn line so I don’t have to be all bummed while shopping. How do we make that happen? It’s like, I can see the color and textures I need but I don’t think they exist.

So what to do in the meantime?

Dye my own color combos. It’ll hold me over for now. It’s super easy too!

This is what you need to make tie dye yarn:

– White cotton yarn (or silk)
TIP: If you want you can start with a base color, like I did here, yellow or green. Then add the dye to that.
– Tulip One-Step Dye
– Plastic table cover
– Plastic grocery bags.

Directions to dye yarn:

Unwind the skein around your thumb and elbow. Then add the rubber bands from the dye box to keep the yarn intact. Important: Soak your yarn and blot it.


Line your work area with a large plastic covering, put on the gloves that come in the dye box.  Set out the smaller grocery bag. Set the yarn on top and add the dye. For this yellow yarn, I added orange dye and a fuchsia. When it is super juicy like this, roll up the yarn tightly within the grocery bag, set aside.

Repeat for the other batches you’re making.

Wrap them and let them sit for 6 hours.

Place them in the empty washing machine – KEEP THE RUBBER BANDS ON! Wash in cold water, with a little bit of soap on light wash.

To dry, remove all the rubber bands and then add only one in the center of each skein. Place in the dryer for 20 minutes until dry. Remove and roll into balls.

My finished tie dye yarn. Now if only I could find a way to dip them in glitter!

TIPS: This will only work on natural fibers!


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  1. Hey CC, you will eventually will have your own yarn line. I won’t be surprised! Let me be the first one to get your yarn!! I love crocheting!! Love this DIY to dye yarn! Thanks for sharing.


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