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Candy tree centerpiece with lights


Let’s make a candy tree DIY with lights! Here is everything you need to know to make a shiny candy tree centerpiece that will get people smiling and talking about how creative you are!

This is one of my favorite holiday crafts because it brings people together. Each candy is secured by a straight pin. Your guests can easily choose their fave and then carefully remove it from the tree. I think this brings a lot of “meet cute” opportunities in case you have any single friends.

Can you tell I’ve been reading romance novels lately?

Here is my TikTok showing how to make this tree


DIY CANDY TREE! this is such a great project, because people can simply choose the candy they want and eat it, and then you can refill it easily! You will need a foam cone, double-sided, adhesive, dots, and mini snack, size, holiday, snickers! #candytree #candytree🍭 #candytrees

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Okay, let’s talk candy tree centerpieces


These are super fun for the holiday season because they have FUNCTION – because they are edible! What is more fun than a decoration you can eat?

There are a zillion methods to try out, but I really like this one because it looks nice and sleek and is easy to refill. It’s just a foam tree, straight pins and your candy of choice – well, I do have guidelines for that.

Let’s move on…

The beauty of this candy tree centerpiece is you can make it as big or as small as you want.

Candy tree centerpieces are so popular and come in all different variations

This one really stands out because it’s so cute and clever.

We’re using straight pins to add the snack size chocolates and then trimming the whole thing in mini-lights! Lights make all the crafts better, right?


Supplies for candy tree DIY with lights:

foam cone
Foam cone as the base for a candy tree centerpiece

Foam Cone, 12″ tall

Fairy lights for a candy tree centerpiece

 LED Fairy Light Strand

Two bags of wrapped Christmas candies, make sure they have an extended edge. I used the Snickers red and green foil. You need to have thw rapper have a big enough edge to be able to pin to the foam base. Trust me on this!

Pompom for the top of the tree (directions lower in this post)

Box of straight pins – NOTE: You can use Glue Dots if you don’t want to use pins!

Tacky Dots


Directions for the candy tree DIY with lights:

Start at the bottom of the tree and pin each candy to the foam. Decide if you want to pin the candies going around in a circle or in vertical columns. 

Either way will work, but also think about the colors of the candies. I used red and green so I alternated them. If you are in a hurry, you can buy candies that are all gold or the same color.

If your candies are smaller, you’ll need more of them to fill out the tree. Larger candies might leave gaping spaces, but you can either paint your foam tree first and let it dry then add the candies, or fill in those spaces with yarn. Get creative!

When it comes to the straight pins, tell your guests to insert the pin back in the foam tree after they remove the candy. That way no one will get poked by a random pin! 

To really level it up, you could use pretty hat pins, even glue a little crystal on the tip of each straight pin. That’s really going overboard, but it’ll look fabulous!

candy tree centerpiece

Play around with it and find your groove. The idea is to make the tree look full and tempting. Don’t forget to buy extra bags of candies so you can replenish.

Even if you don’t have a party, this candy tree centerpiece is nice to have out for your kids, their friends, or even for you – for a late night snack!

candy tree centerpiece

Keep going until your tree looks nice and balanced. You can always rearrange the layout if you don’t like it. Sometimes you might have to pull some out and re-pin them, no biggie. Whatever it takes so it looks nice and appetizing!

DIY candy tree
Here is another one I made. I used Glue Dots rather than pins, and truffle for the top.

How to make a pompom!

The pompom at the top of the tree adds a nice finished look. I used sparkle yarn combined with solid cotton yard. All the colors worked like magic! 

By the way, a yarn pompom is a small, round, fluffy ball that is often made from yarn or wool. It is created by wrapping yarn around your fingers multiple times until you have a thick bundle, then tying the ends together and trimming the excess yarn.

You can buy a pompom maker like this, or make your own.


1. Cut a piece of yarn about 18 inches long. For my pompom, I combined different yarns.

2. Wrap the yarn around your fingers about 10-15 times.

3. Cut the loops of yarn and tie a knot in the middle.

4. Cut two more pieces of yarn about 18 inches long.

5. tie each piece of yarn around the pompom, one on each side.

6. Trim the pompom until it’s the desired size.

There you have it! Your very own pompom!

Simply hot glue it to the top of the tree.

candy tree centerpiece
Candy tree centerpiece with lights

Do you love this candy tree DIY with lights as much as I do?

Once you’re happy with the look, go ahead and wrap the strand of LED lights around the tree.

Decide where you want to house the battery pack. The fairy lights have a small pack that is easy to affix to the foam base. Use the Tacky Dots to hide it under the candy.

I LOVE this little light strand. You can hardly see the lights when the strand isn’t turned on, but when you switch it to the ON position, it’s all cheery and happy and sparkly!

Other ideas for candy tree centerpieces

Andes Mint Tree

DIY Snickers Tree Centerpiece

Rather than use a large foam base, why not make mini candy trees? Those would be super cute! Or you can go the other way and make a ginormous candy tree, kinda like I did with the Trick or Treat candy tree – you can theme it around Christmas!

Thanks for checking out my post, I hope you love this idea as much as I do! No matter what, just have fun with your crafting this holiday season! 

More candy tree ideas

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Here is another version that uses different types of chocolates, different from the one I used! I love the topiary look.

Chocolate Christmas Tree

Who wouldn’t love one of these as a centerpiece! It’s kind of the same concept but using different types of rectangle chocolates! So yummy!

Christmas Candy Bouquet!

This takes us down a different path, but how about a bouquet? You can use something fun for the base and have at it!

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