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No-Sew T-Shirt Gift Bags



Here’s a way to use up outgrown garments (especially from kids!) – turn them into T-shirt gift bags for the holidays! These are cast-off tie-dye shirts I had on hand, but you can use any shirts you want.


T-shirt (I used tie-dye shirts)

No-sew t-shirt gift bags

Determine what size you want your bag to be – keeping in mind what size of shirt you have. Cut along the bottom, cut off the sleeves. Turn your shirt right side in. Time to seal the bottom!



We’ll need to reinforce the bottom – first you’ll add a strip of the tape inside the bottom layer and press the top layer. Smooth out any bumps with your fingers. Next, add another strip along the top layer and fold it over. Press so it is bonded. Turn your shirt inside out so the front is showing.


To give your bag a professional look, make some gussets! This will give your bag a flat bottom so it can hold items in a more balanced fashion. Pull out one corner at the bottom of the bag. Add a strip of tape. DO NOT remove the tape backing yet! Put your hand inside the bag and press the pointed corner inside to create a moth. Line up the ends, then pull off the  backing of the tape and press in place. Repeat for the other side.


Decorate the front of your bag however you want!


Cut notches in your bag around the top, leave room to “poof” the top. Insert a long strand of ribbon – long enough for you tie a big bow.


Ta daaaa!




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