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Decoden for Stress Relief

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December was a CRAZY month for blogging and craft design. I had anywhere from 5-7 projects a week to complete and once all was finished, I left out a huge sigh of relief and…broke out with the decoden craft supplies! Maya was off working on something else, but as soon as she saw what I was doing,  she sat down and together we made about two dozen creations – cell phone cases and compact mirrors!

Click here to see my full tutorial with video.

Here are pictures! By the way – almost all of these are for sale in my Etsy store…

beauty2 compactbeauty2 compactfruity1 compactjeweled1 compactpeace2 compactvirgin2 friend2 goldparfait2 Good2 ice2 IMG_9027 Miss2 RedHot2 WEdding2 bottle1

Learning to draw and celebrating imperfection

Resolution Collage Calendar


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