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Last week, my friend Ericka from Nibbles N Feasts invited me to her Dip N Drizzle Party featuring Wilton Candy Melts. It’s one of those events that will make your friends and family jealous because it sounds so lavish. And wow, it sure was! Wilton has a new line of warmers and accessories to make dipping and drizzling much easier…


We arrived to find a table set up with a row of Wilton candy melt warmers. The cool thing about these warmers is that the bowl is connected to a handle. Once you are done with the dipping and drizzling, you can remove it, let it cool and the pop out the cooled candy. Very clever.



The candy melts were placed in the warmers and were stirred to a creamy consistency. Ericka had a variety of treats set up for dipping! She got very creative and put out a spread of chips, cookies, fruit and pretzels to go with the chocolate, caramel apple, and coconut candy melts.

See how creamy it looks? We also used a variety of other Wilton treats to add to each item we dipped, like colored sugar, sprinkles and more!
Here is Ericka holding one of the dipping accessories – and a cookie!
These are some of those accessories, it makes it much easier to dip a cookie or strawberry – less mess!
This is what happens when you have ten bloggers over for a party – in between eating, everyone is snapping pictures! I love this shot because everyone looks so serious, those foodie glamour shots were plentiful!
Once the party ended, we each got to go home with our own set of a candy melter and the accessories! h, the things I will do with this set…I’ll get back with you soon, promise!


To see more about Wilton, visit them here:










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