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How to make party poppers

How to make party poppers!

These are easy to make from tissue paper rolls and you can decorate them for any time of the year. The holidays are always the best though!

Supplies for how to make party poppers

– 1 empty paper-towel tube or tissue paper roll.
– Glitter, fortunes, horoscopes, confetti, mints, funny notes, chocolate coins, small party favors.
– 12- by 12-inch piece of wrapping or tissue paper.
– Scissors.
– Glue gun or tape.
– Ribbon.

Directions for how to make party poppers:

how to make party poppers

Cut the cardboard tube in half, then cut one of the halves in half.

Fill all three pieces with glitter, confetti and other festive accessories.

Lay the wrapping paper face down on a flat surface, then set the three cardboard tubes in an even row at the edge of the paper, leaving a 1/2-inch space between each tube.

Carefully glue or tape the edge of the wrapping paper in an even line across the tubes. Roll the paper over the tubes once and trim excess paper (also on each end of the tube).

Gently twist tubes at the disconnected points and add ribbon for flair.

Add them to the table place settings, place a bunch inside a large glass bowl or hand out right before midnight.

Tips and variations:

Before giving poppers to guests, use a pin to poke holes around the edges of the tube so it will break open easier. For smaller poppers, use cardboard tubes from wrapping paper. Use color copies of family photos for a personalized look.

Where and how to use the party poppers!

how to make party poppers

Birthday Parties – They can be popped when the birthday person makes a wish and blows out the candles or given out as party favors to guests.

Weddings – Guests can use them for the newlyweds’ send-off instead of traditional rice or confetti, creating a spectacular photo opportunity.

New Year’s Eve – Distribute them to guests to pop at midnight to add to the festivity of welcoming the new year.

Gender Reveal Parties – Fill the poppers with pink or blue confetti to reveal the baby’s gender in a fun and interactive way.

Graduation Parties – Use them to celebrate the graduate’s big moment, either during the ceremony or at the party, to mark the achievement.

Holiday Gatherings – Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or the Fourth of July, customize the poppers with thematic colors and confetti for a festive touch.

Engagement Parties or Proposals – A unique way to celebrate the moment, filled with themed confetti or even rose petals.

Retirement Celebrations – Mark the transition with the joyous noise and visual delight of party poppers.

Anniversary Parties – Suitable for any anniversary, adding a joyful burst to the celebration.

Welcome Home Parties – Celebrate someone’s return with the cheerful explosion of party poppers.

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