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REVIEW: Craft Your Stash


Lisa Fulmer is known around the crafty block as a crafty AND clever chica. Through her web site and video series, she always has fresh ideas that are easy and inspiring to create. Her latest endeavor tops them all! It’s Lisa’s new book, Craft Your Stash: Transforming Craft Closet Treasures into Gifts, Home Décor & More (Design Originals, $16.99, 88 pages).

Here is the publisher’s summary:

The Creative Crafter’s Guide to Getting More Out of Your Stash If you love crafting, you love craft supplies. You have an ever-increasing stash of fabulous fabric, paper, stamps, beads, ribbons, glitter, paints, and more. But if your treasure trove has grown so much that every bin, box, and closet is overflowing, it may be time to stop collecting and start creating! This ultimate craft supply hoarder s guide is packed with creative inspiration and ideas for getting the most out of your craft supply stash. Use this book to take control of your crafting life and start using your materials like a pro. Whether you use a dedicated craft room or just a corner of the kitchen table, you ll learn how to maximize your space, manage your materials, and make time to make. Author Lisa Fulmer reveals the secrets of creative crafters, from organization and color theory to basic techniques. She challenges you to use up what you ve got on hand, with creative stash-busting projects organized by stash type. -Tips for storing and organizing craft supplies in any size space -Creative stash-busting projects to use up what you ve got on hand -basic techniques that every crafter needs to know -Tips on color theory and creating balance and texture -How to use all of your crafting materials like a pro.

The title explains the premise – make magic with the supplies you currently have. Clean out that craft closet! Lisa doesn’t only present ideas of things to make, she also offers up practical plans for organizing your space and making the most of your inventory. The idea is to keep things in plain site so you can use them. It’s when you start collecting items in cardboard boxes that things get out of hand. Out of sight, out of mind, right?



I’m a firm believer in all of this. I used to have a mess of an art room, and then finally cleaned it out stitch-by-stitch and started all over. Now I call it my design studio and I put everything away after I finish each project. And I do my best to use up what I already have. Except yarn. Every time I try to pare down my crazy yarn stash, I end up buying more yarn for some reason!


This is a savvy project idea! Turn anything and everything into charms and make mobiles! Haste makes waste! In the book you’ll find a collection of even more ideas that are easy to tackle and will help craft your stash!

I’m super thrilled to be a part of Lisa’s blog tour. She is so loved by the craft community, a gob of us are on this tour to help make her book a success. The bestpart is that it is a great book with lots of valuable, inspiring info from one of the industry’s most respected professional craft designers! Visit the links on the tour!

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