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How to change bad energy into good

cake pops

All I wanted was a friggin cake pop.

Last Friday morning, I awoke with my usual excitement for the day – “I’m a magnet for opportunity!” I chanted in my thoughts. Then, like slipping on invisible banana peels – a series of humiliating, unforeseen unfortunate events took place. Nothing life-changing or devastating, but you know, those little glitches that add up to make you want to go buy a box of cupcakes, ugly cry and eat them one-by-one… in hiding. I calmed myself enough to talk me out of a Sprinkles bender, but decided on a chocolate cake pop from Starbucks. and um, maybe a birthday cake pop too.

Part of the edge was that I’ve been eating healthy these past couple of weeks and it became apparent that I hadn’t had a decadent sweet in days. Poor me, life is sooo hard! The chubby lady has not had chocolate! I drove my way over to Starbucks, justifying why I needed to eat away the paint and frumpiness, even though really it would just do the opposite to my body. My mind was set. I wanted a stupid cake pop.

But right before I ordered, I noticed a business lady in distress. I won’t go into details, but at that moment I decided to drop my own need/want and instead help her.


In the true spirit of random acts of kindness, I won’t go into details. But I will say the aftermath left me feeling sparkly and happy inside because her frown turned upside down as a result of my action. I realized I used my power for good and changed the energy, my thoughts, her mood from down to up.

The happy side effect? The rest of my day went on to be fabulous! I realized the setbacks from earlier were really nada in the big picture of life. We move forward and it all smoothes out.

Next time you are having a sucky day, or things are not going as planned, take the focus OFF OF YOU and go do something nice for someone else. Let the current energy catch up to your spirit. Walk away, let it sit for a while and use the time to go spread some light in the world. By the time you come back to your space, hopefully your inner glow will overpower any residual funk. You have the power to change the energy!

But here is the trick – don’t go do a good deed with the sole intention to fix your funk.

Go do something nice JUST BECAUSE. And it can be anyone or any place. It’s a good time to think how in this life, it is not all about us as individuals, but also us working together to lift each other up for one big collective ball of shiny.

So, take charge and change the bad energy into good, you’ll be happy you did!

As for the cake pop – um, I couldn’t resist. Did I mention I also like to eat chocolate when I’m happy?


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  1. I was listening to an interview with Maya Angelou on the Diane Rehm show and she said she was out doing her usual and always would look at people and greet them, when she remembered a young man who seemed especially heartened by her greeting and smile. She found out later he was on his way to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge when he came back into her life to tell her how her general love of humankind brought him back from the brink. Never miss the opportunity to reach out.


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