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Origami Envelopes

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Did you know you can make a lovely envelope from a square sheet of paper, no glue required? Say hello to Origami Envelopes! Here is a step-by-step or you can watch my video! Have fun!


– Write affirmations inside and give them out.

– Use for an advent calendar

– Use to hold money to give away as a gift.

– Use to hold glitter.

You’ll want to start with square paper!


With a point facing up, crease in the center.


Open and crease the bottom point up to the center fold.


Now fold the bottom flat side up to meet the center crease.

envelope5 (1)

Fold the left side over to the center, and do the same for the right side.


Fold up one of the sides ends, and crease it into a diamond shape.


Fold the top point down and slip the point into the diamond you just folded.


Here’s a video I made if you need more help!

YouTube video

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