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Snapchat Rainbow Puke DIY

By Alicia Yuhas for CraftyChica.com

Greetings everyone! Alicia here to share a Snapchat Rainbow Puke DIY! My phone is practically glued to my hand. If you have a smartphone with Snapchat (try it, it’s so fun!), you’ve noticed the explosion of animated filters.

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Here is how they work: Open your Snapchat app and press your finger on the screen until the little circles come up. You’ll see lines come up for face recognition, then you can press the little circles to try out all the face-altering filters. From frightening to fun, there’s a huge variety. One will make it look like you are breathing fire, another blowing ice, another one crying and so on.  They are VERY realistic.

One of the most popular is the rainbow and sparkles filter. You open your mouth and it makes your eyes bug out and sparkles and rainbows pour out between your lips!


But seriously, who could resist these rainbow and sparkles?

I figured out a way to make a real life Snapchat Rainbow Effect…errr, rainbow puke, I guess you could say!

After I finished this project I thought I’d step it up with some cute animated eye glasses. The BEST part is that this costume is portable – easy to put on and take off. There are a lot of other tutorials out there, many awesome facepainting versions, but I wanted one with less mess.


Craft Foam (3mm)

Acrylic Paints

Paint Brush

Elastic String



Supplies for Glasses:

Glasses (Dollar store reading glasses work if you don’t normally wear glasses)





First, hold one edge of the foam to one corner of your mouth and use the pencil to mark the other corner. Cut a rectangle out using the marking for width. After you have the basic shape, cut some gentle curves into the long sides of the foam.

steps1 (1)

Poke a hole in the top corners of the foam. There is where you’ll attach your elastic string. Feed the string through the hole and tie it. Add even more sparkle by painting on a few extra stars and admire your handiwork.

steps2 (1)

To make the glasses:

Cut the paper into two shapes that will fit behind the lenses of the glasses. After you’ve done that, use the pen to draw the eyes. They can be as large or as small as you like. I went with some cute anime style eyes. Lots of lashes was a must. Then just use tape to attach the paper to the back of the lenses! (I used painters tape since I’d go nuts with a smudge from adhesive on my glasses.)


And there you have it!


Ripped from the smartphone app to real life, you can now always have a sparkly rainbow flowing from your mouth! I was pretty disappointed when they took this filter off of Snapchat and I’m crossing my fingers that it will return. Thank you all so much for reading! Many thanks to Crafty Chica for having me. If you would like to see more geek and tech posts you can get them over at thegeeklyfe.com.

– Alicia


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