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Time to focus!


I have a really good reason for not crafting or blogging lately – I’m writing my next novel! I’ve had my outline for FOUR years and have rewritten the first three chapters several times. This book has been haunting me every day of my life. With all the changes in my life lately, I had put it aside. At some points, I thought to give it up. It just felt so daunting, I mean 80-90,000 words, and a story that not only only makes sense, but also is gripping enough to keep the reader captivated?

That’s a lot of work!

But you know what? I did it twice before and I know I can do it again. I’m more than halfway through because I let go of a few items in my daily life in order to make room to complete this goal. There is no way you can add something without taking something away. That is if you aim for quality. Once I let go of feeling like I had to create and blog every day, my writing channel opened and the story began to flow out of me. My fingers can’t keep up. And I have a hard time sleeping at night because I just want to get back to the computer and write more!

Now my problem is that I’m totally obsessed with these characters. I want to move them where they need to go, but I have to create their worlds along the way, and give each action purpose. I love this part of the creative process. It reminds me of a painting or a collage – creating the background, then the focal item, the accents and embellishments…

My tip for all of you, get going on that passion project of yours! Do this for YOU. Don’t wait for the “right time” – the right time is right now. Sacrifice a nap or your favorite TV show or going out to eat. Instead, use that time to work on it a little bit each day. I pushed myself to write 2,000 words a day, or at least edit 2,000 words a day. Even when I didn’t feel like it, I made myself follow through.

So that’s where I’m at these days! I’m working on my awesome client assignments (because I do have to pay bills), the Crafty Chica cruise details, and the rest of my time is sitting here, and there, and over there…tapping away on my keyboard until I type THE END. I’ll still have fabulous projects posted each week, it’s not like I’m going AWOL or anything! I’ll also have some fun guest posts from friends of mine!

In the meantime, you can follow me on Snapchat (@craftychica), I document a lot of daily life over there!

Wish me luck, I’m really doing this! And I hope you are doing your thing too!

Much love to you!

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  1. I have written for fanficton and understand both the obsession and need to write. But sometimes your characters will not be where you want them to be or what you wanted them to be. Dean Koontz said that in his novel “Tick-tock”, his main character would not jell. He left the novel and wrote another one instead. A year later he picked up his manuscript and tried again. This time he changed the ethnicity of the main character, bingo, the novel practically wrote itself in under a week! So don’t be surprised if your characters tell their story.


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