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15 Purse DIYs that are in the bag

Here are fifteen impressive purse DIYs that you’ll want to try! Whenever a new season arrives, it always makes me feel like tackling some new crafty categories. I’m about to go on a purse production marathon, but thought before that, I’d share some fun purse DIYs for you to try. These are super cute and easy projects that you can tackle by yourself, with friends, or even with your kids or grandkids. The idea is to step away from the TV and get your creativity flowing! Alrighty, let’s do this!


Mexican Embroidered Blouse Purse

YouTube video

I’m going to kick this off with one of my favorite tutorials – the Mexican Embroidered Blouse Purse! There are many methods to making this, but this is the one I came up with!

Hardback Book Purse

YouTube video

This is from Amanda Isernia and she walks you through all the steps to transform an ordinary hardback into a stylish wearable accessory.

Record Album Purse

YouTube video

CraftyAmy is so cute, and her purse tutorials ROCK. What a fun statement piece to wear to a party!

Painted Thrift Store Purse

I saw this bag at the thrift store and it looked like it needed some crafty love!

DIY Candy Wrapper Purse

YouTube video

Mellison demystifies the process of folding a heck of a lot of gum wrappers and make them into something useful!

Tape Measure Bags

YouTube video

Pick up a lot of plastic tape measures from the dollar store and turn them into this cute purse, thanks to Coolirpa.

Record Album Cover Tote

This project is from one of my books, I still have fun making these to this very day!

Beautiful Scarf Purse

YouTube video

Orly Shani from the Home and Family Channel shows how to make this gorgeous silky bag!

Triangle Fringe Purse

YouTube video

Fashion designer, Daniela Tabois, shows how to make this ultra lux bag that is pure sunshine!

Slide Protector Purse


This project is from my Artful Sewing book, simply stitch together slide projector pages!

Painted Designer Purse

One time a PR firm offered to send me a $600 purse. I realized they didn’t even look at my site to see that I did mostly did crafts. So I accepted the offer – and painted the bag!

Animal Face Bag

YouTube video

Oh my gosh, this is sooo cute! Annika Victoria hit this one out of the park!

Spiked Granny Bag

I came across this bag at the thrift store and it looked like it needed spikes and glitter!

Pop Tab Purse

YouTube video

I own a couple of these and no idea how to start to make one, here is a tutorial from ErikaCreativa!

License Plate Purse

YouTube video

I am so excited to make this purse!

Which one is your favorite?

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