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15 Ghostbusters Tutorials


This Friday is the movie we’ve all been waiting for – Ghostbusters!

I just returned from the screening and was about to write my review when I felt compelled to put a fun DIY round-up together to hold you over until Friday. I’ve been REALLY looking forward to this movie, I REALLY loved the original. Therefore, I included a lot of ideas featuring characters that are included in both films. Yes, there are many cameos  in the reboot and that’s all I’ll say about that right now.

Regardless if the new film is a hit or not, Ghostbusters is a beloved part of pop culture. So here we go, because we ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Click on the title for the link to each article!

Green Slimed Popcorn, by Babble.com

This is the perfect treat to eat as you watch the original on the big screen in your living room (and eventually the remake)!

Ghostbusters Nail Art

This will be cute to wear around Halloween or when you go see the movie at the theatre.

Ghostbuster Party Ideas, by CatchMyParty.com

Get ready for an invasion of ghost-friendly party ideas, especially if you have a summer birthday to celebrate! This site has a long list of really creative projects for kids of all ages. I’m blown away by all the cool ideas here – click through to the article and you’ll see what I mean!


Here’s a version I shared a while  back, but if you want to make it glow-inthe-dark, here is another tutorial to try, by True Blue Me & You!


DIY Ecto-Cooler Ghostbusters Drink

A cute drink idea that fits with the theme, but fast forward to 3:30 to get to the recipe.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Pops, by SugarNerd.com

Adorable! Perfect for a viewing or birthday party.

Ghostbusters Window Cling

Because why not, right?


Epic Ghostbuster Perler Beads Creation!

Not sure if you will want to make this elaborate display, but it’s fascinating to watch this guy work his talent with perler beads!


Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, by Mostly Nerdy Crochet

So funny, she captured his expression perfectly. Hey, she has a pattern if you want to make one too!

Slime cupcakes, by Lemon Lime Adventures

Clever! Slime all your guests because they won’t mind. The cupcakes will likely taste yummy!


Ghostbusters Cake, by AshleeMarie

Ashlee Marie is the queen of gorgeous cakes and here she shows why? This cake is too perfect to cut into!

Painted Slimer Shoes by Alabama Ghostbusters

These shoes were painted for one of the cast members of the new film. Loving the detail!


Build a Ghost Busters Ghost Trap! – DIY Prop Shop

Great for cosplay or Halloween (or real life?), here’s how to make a ghost trap.

Ecto-1 Cross Stitch Pattern

I fell in love with this because it’s so classic and clean!


Ghostbuster Sugar Cookies

Sure, you can make these, right?

Stay tuned for my review on Friday!

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