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DIY Hocus Pocus Crafts

Who is ready for some DIY Hocus Pocus crafts? The long-awaited sequel returns this seasons to eager fans like ME. I was recently asked to share some Hocus Pocus watch party ideas for one of our local TV shows and I jumped at the chance!

Hocus Pocus 2 trailer

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Okay, so last time we left off – 29 (gulp) years ago, The unsavory, but quite entertaining, Sanderson sisters had literally seen the light of day and exploded into magical luster, right in thin air.

It seemed all was well, but here we are, back to the black-flamed candle, ready to be lit. Not to mention, the spell book!

So many crafty opportunities, let’s dive right in!

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Willy’s Candy Dish

From the trailer, it appears Willy is back for more mayhem. He’ll likely be hungry after all these years. Buy some zombie hands at Michaels and hot glue them to a candy dish.

diy hocus pocus crafts

Shimmery Apple Cider

If you are hosting a Hocus Pocus watch party, you want to have some class, right? So when you serve your goblets of apple cider, sprinkle on some edible luster dust (found in the baking section). Just a dash will do the trick! These look better after stirred. 

For the glasses, you can find designs on Etsy to use for all your DIY Hocus Pocus crafts!

diy hocus pocus crafts

Winifred’s Life Potion

This is what the Sanderson Sister needed to stay alive, but alas they failed. So keep this recipe under wraps, just for your friends only! Actually it is just Gatorade in little glass bottles. So fun to serve at your party, right?

The actual recipe: Bringeth to a full rousing bubble, then add two drops oil of boil and a dead man’s toes. Next add a dab of  newt saliva, dash of pox stir thrice. One final thing and all is done. Add a piece of thine tongue.


life potion - diy hocus pocus crafts

The Spellbook!

Start with a hardback journal. Use hot glue to outline the veins. Create three snakes from polymer clay, and buy some eyeballs from the dollar store. Glue the pieces in place and then add a layer of the plaster wrap. Let dry, paint, and embellish. Added painted designs over the veins.

spellbook -diy hocus pocus crafts

Candies and popcorn

The craft store has a lot of “hocus pocus” decorations and I glued one of them to a wood box and used it to hold the popcorn bags. Sprinkle Tajin and lime on the popcorn for a spicy, tangy twist. It’s so yummy and fits perfectly with the Sanderson spirit!

diy hocus pocus crafts

Purchase affordable printables on Etsy and use them as candy labels. You can also add toothpicks and insert them into the tops of cupcakes.

diy hocus pocus crafts

Gummy snake apples

Find a black pail to resemble a cauldron and fill with juicy red apples. Then – top them with gummy snakes! It’s the best of both other worlds!

diy hocus pocus crafts

Sanderson Sister Shadow Boxes

These are sooo fun to make with the kids. Use peg people, yarn glitter and foam core for the hair shapes and assemble them in small wood boxes. 

Hocus Pocus watch party ideas

Here is a video I made of the Sanderson Sisters Shadow Boxes


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Sanderson Sister Pumpkin

Cut out silhouette shapes on permanent vinyl and add to the front of a large pumpkin. Use it as a centerpiece.

diy hocus pocus crafts

Pumpkin loaf cut-outs

Take a Halloween cookie cutter to some pumpkin bread to create Hocus Pocus-shaped treats!

diy hocus pocus crafts

Binx Favor Box

We all adore little Binx, right? Take a cat wood-cut out and hot glue to a small box. Add a quote of his, and varnish. Fill with candies or other small toys.

Hocus Pocus watch party ideas

Have fun no matter what you make for your Hocus Pocus Watch party! Visit the dollar craft store for ideas and supplies. Even your own stash!

Hocus Pocus watch party ideas

Thanks for checking out my DIY Hocus Pocus crafts round-up. Are you excited for the movie? Who is your favorite character?


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