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DIY Card Kits as Gifts

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to think gifts. Card kits make the best gifts for your crafty friends! First of all, “sharing” is my all-time guilty pleasure. Whether it is a story, a crafty idea, a good book, and even a Coke! But what makes it even more special is to share an experience with someone who has been kind to you – an unsung hero. We come across these people daily, from neighbors in our communities, co-workers, long distance friends, and so on.

This holiday season, Coca-Cola wants to shine the spotlight on those who make this time of year extra special for the people around them. For this campaign, we were asked to choose our favorite “unsung hero” and celebrate them! I love this idea because it allows us to stop the daily grind and appreciate those who offer the little moments in life that make us smile.

I made a list of my unsung heroes and created a one-of-a kind thank you gift for them. First I went to ShareaCoke.com and ordered a Coke bottle with their name, then whipped up a gift of creativity – a mini-card kit. I attached it all to the bottles!

My daughter Maya sits at the top of my unsung hero list! She recently moved to Los Angeles, and even though she is hundreds of miles away, she calls in everyday to see how we are doing and if there is any way she can be of help. From helping me with video editing to bouncing off ideas to advice on a dress to buy, she’s always there for me.


So I put together a card for her, a Coke bottle with her web site name, and a card kit that she can make and give to someone else! Paying it forward!

This is a super fun idea because the bottle adds the signature touch, the craft allows your friend to wind down and exercise their creativity, and then it all ends with a happy act of kindness for someone else to keep it going!



  • 2 blank cards
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Holiday images (I found these on Etsy)
  • Dry adhesive dots, scissors
  • Embellishments


To start, we’re going to turn a traditional card into a “gate fold” card by opening the card and folding the edges into the center crease. Next, affix a square piece of scrapbook paper on the back to make it sturdy. Fold over the front flaps.


Take two pieces of scrapbook paper strips and glue to the front flaps, then take two identical images, fold in the center and affix one to each side of the front of the card.


Oh my gosh, it’s so cute! Now decorate the inside with embellishments, and a note!


Make a kit with all the components and attach it to the bottle with a tag.


I made a six-pack because I have a lot of unsung heroes in my life, lol!



Don’t forget, you can order your own special personalized #ShareaCoke glass bottles for friends or family this holiday season. 
How many friends will be receiving card kits as gifts this year? 

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22 thoughts on “DIY Card Kits as Gifts”

  1. My husband is our unsung hero. He had a vasectomy after our 2nd child was born, but 2 years after that we regretted our decision. He was brave enough to have reversal to make me happy. We have had 2 more children since. He is willing to go to the moon and back for us.

  2. My mother, Diana is my unsung hero. In addition to being an artistic inspiration to me and an artistic influence on my childhood friends, she devoted her life and career to helping others as a social worker for over 30 years. She had cases where she had to face horrible dysfunctions within families – these are tough cases that were unpopular, but through her consistent care she was able to help countless people gain life skills and move forward despite their difficult pasts. She accomplished all of this while raising three biracial children alone in a predominantly white area. She taught us not to internalize the racism we faced every day and each one of us grew up as high achievers! My mother is the embodiment of love and caring. She works for equality and justice. She is my unsung hero!

  3. My daughter, Anneliese, is my unsung hero. She has always had an amazing love for live and especially for babies and children. She and her husband tried for 4 years to conceive a child – she went through all the fertility treatments which not only didn’t work but left scars on her heart that nothing will ever heal. A year ago at Thanksgiving they announced they were starting the adoption process. For 6 months they waited while the agency they were with dragged their feet. They finally had enough and went to another agency. They went through classes, we had multiple fund raising events (adoption of an infant is incredibly expensive!), we prayed many, MANY rosaries and novenas and they were finally put in the “Match” book for expectant mothers to look through. Within a week of being put in the book, a brave, selfless young woman chose them to adopt the baby she was carrying. He was born on 11/10/16 and got to come home from the NICU on 11/30/16. She didn’t care that they were in for a rough start, she just knew she already love him. We all know that the time with the first agency that went nowhere was all a part of God’s plan as they were supposed to be this baby’s parents. “For this child we prayed and God has answered.” She is such an amazing mom! This baby boy named Mateo may not be of her body but he is certainly of her heart. SHE is my unsung hero!

  4. My husband is my unsung hero, he helps with lots of chores at our new home. I don’t think I can ever get them all done by myself.

  5. My mom is my unsung hero. She is always giving and has so much amazing love to give everyone. She stayed in a bad marriage just to keep her family together even though she didn’t want to be in it anymore. She stayed for her kids and sacrificed her life and happiness. Her kids are grown and she is free from the bad marriage now. I think that makes her a unsung hero!

  6. My mom is my unsung hero. She had leukemia a few years back and she got through it with a lot of courage and optimism. She told me she thought that everyone had some kind of battle to fight, and that this was her particular battle. Even though she had to go through a lot of treatments and still needs certain therapies, she has remained optimistic, never complains and always thinks of helping others. Plus, she gave me the extra push I needed to join on the bone marrow registry. I am so glad I did this!

  7. My Mom is my unsung hero. But then again aren’t all Mothers? My Mom, Judi, is a wonderful seamstress. And until I started learning how to sew now in my 40’s. I never really appreciated how much work it is to sew clothes, costumes accessories, and everything else. And all of the other things she’s done: birthing, raising, cooking, cleaning, driving, shopping, counseling, and always caring. I don’t think I could thank her enough in my lifetime.

  8. My mom is my Unsung Hero. She is the most amazing person I know. From how much she loves to how hard she works. She is one of the best adult caregivers in the county, specializing in Alzheimer’s/ Dementia patients. Then every Spring she heads to Nevada to work at the mine shutdowns, that’s a 7 day a week 12 hours a day job! On top of all this, she helps me with my 4 year old who has Cerebral Palsy. She is approaching retirement and I couldn’t be more happy for her! She deserves the peace rest!

  9. My unsung hero is my friend and coworker of almost 10 years, Gena. She is always ready to go above and beyond for anyone’s birthday or one of our fundraisers at work for various charities we donate to throughout the year. She mothers us, cooks for us and always puts others first. She is a very loving and caring to her husband and kids. She is very creative. She is an artist ! Unfortunately a couple weeks ago her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. So between working, taking care of her husband and the many Dr. Visits lately she actually still cooked for us at work !! She is selfless and deserving of being an unsung hero that’s for sure.

  10. My unsung hero is my husband Mike. He is the third youngest of a family of twenty siblings. He worked his way through school from grade school through college. He worked in the fields and janitorial and in offices as well, no job was beneath him as long as it was legal and he earned a wage. He is a Marine who served during the Vietnam war. He obtained a college degree in business while holding down a full time day job and took care of our two children while I worked nights. Mike is now retired but volunteers many hours to LULAC, veterans organizations, knights of Columbus, and always helps our children and grandchildren financially, as a role model, and cheerleader. He and I have been married 45 years. Thanks for the opportunity to be his cheerleader for a change. He never asks for anything believing that the Lord repays him.

  11. My boss is amazing. She has been extremely sick and away from the office for several weeks yet made sure that local charities received their donations from us, and that all of the employees received their Christmas gifts and bonuses. No matter how she’s feeling, she puts others first.

  12. #ShareaCoke My Aunt Debbie she lost her father when she was 16 i was 2 she helped my grandmaw till she passed she has always been there for me she went through so much and helped me as a person as she helped many others she became a sunday school teacher and she is just the best i know of she is a true blessing

  13. I’ve been divorced for about 10 years and let me tell you, it’s a war zone out there, ladies! I decided to try online dating and after countless attempts, had given up. I logged into my account with the intention to delete it and saw his message. A single father and army veteran pictured with all three of the kids he is raising alone climbing all over him like a tree! This man is self-less, caring, passionate and will do anything to make me and my daughters happy! With his three and my three, we are pretty much the Brady Bunch! The reason he is my Unsung Hero is because he supports me and my feminist causes, he stepped in and stepped up when everyone cringed at the thought of a young woman with a family and he is the best friend and hero I always needed in my life!

  14. An unsung hero… there are so many people! I know that in my everyday life – my unsung hero is the cleaning lady for our office building. Her name is Maria, and she is always so cheerful, happy and ready to greet me with a smile. On Mondays and Fridays she seems to just light up the day with her greetings. She is everywhere – mopping, sweeping and cleaning up after the crazy litter bugs that are around our building. She takes a lot of pride in our private walkway. She brightens my day. Thank you for letting me tell you about Maria!

  15. My unsung hero today is my colleague, Cecilia Arredondo. She teaches Spanish I, II, and III at our high school in San Diego, Texas. She is also our cheerleading sponsor. She is the mom of an adorable toddler, Cecily, and a devoted wife to her husband, Edward. Yesterday, she casually mentioned how she was taking her Spanish III students to our local nursing home to play Loteria with the residents and distribute gifts. She is a true hero.

  16. Another unsung hero is my colleague Yvette Burgos. She is a special education teacher at our high school in San Diego, Texas. She is a single mom to three daughters; the youngest is only three. She is also the National Honor Society Sponsor. Her NHS sponsored a food drive for needy families for Thanksgiving and they are working on a Toys for Tots drive right now.


  18. Hi Crafty Chica, my unsung hero is my daughter Michelle. She was brought up in Lynwood, CA. Lynwood borders Compton, Ca. needless to say it was a pretty rough neighborhood. Michelle’s grades were not awesome, but she wanted to go to college. She applied and got into CSUF. Within her first year she was put on academic probation, then dropped out, and she was pregnant. Michelle continued her education in community college. During this period she married her boyfriend and had another baby. It was an abusive marriage, she entered a program for abused women and divorced her husband, all the while going college and working. It took longer than most, but Michelle now is 34 years old and working on her DOCTORATE in education. (at the college that put her on academic probation) Michelle also works full time at another college overseeing a program that helps students stay in college. She is very involved in programs for women and does volunteer work for women that are in abusive situations. She travels and talks at educational conventions. Sometimes I am amazed by the woman she became, by living right through the storm of her life, Michelle and I came from the same neighborhood, but I was to afraid to continue when I failed, she is truly my unsung hero.


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