Mother’s Day Shrines

Mother's Day Shrines, by Crafty Chica

These Mother’s Day shrines are just what I needed to work on this weekend.  The past few days have been overly stressful and today I set everything to sit and craft. I had this bag of peg people and knew I wanted to make something with them for Mother’s Day. My first thought was to make trophies, hence the tall wood bases I bought at Michaels.

My plan was to add hair to the peg people, glue to the base, and spray paint it all gold.

But I went in a different direction, as usual. Isn’t that what creativity is all about? You just got let it flow. I think because I do a lot of specific projects for clients, I needed to just sit on my crafty chair and freestyle!

As I base coated the little bodies, I knew this project would not end up all in gold. Although I do think that is a cool idea. Maybe I’ll do that version next…

ANYWAY. Here’s what you need if you want to make something like this!

Wood peg people

Wood bases, or even jar to hold candies




Brushes – and a VERY thin liner brush for the faces. If you can’t find one, but a “0” liner brush and snip some bristles off, very carefully.

Paint the hair first (or you can glue on yarn for hair), then white for the eyes, then top off with black for the eyelids. And paint the bodies. Painting eyes and lips can be very tricky. When it comes to painting the faces, slow down and concentrate, even practice before you do the final round. It’s easy to go from a bright and happy mom to totally unimpressed, judgmental one. As you can see with some of the looks here. I tried my best!

Mother's Day Shrines by Crafty Chica

Here are the finished looks. Well, kind of. I redid the mouth on the little green mom in the front.

Dang, she is like, “After all I do for you, you better damn well better give me more than a crafted shrine for Mother’s Day.”

And the mom in the blue dress looks like she is saying, “Ehhh, I’m kind of hungry right now. You got a churro over there?”

And the mom in the white dress is saying, “Heyyy, I just ate the tastiest brownies…want one?”

I didn’t paint their hands. When in doubt, add a heart, right?

Mother's Day Shrines by Crafty Chica

But the wood bases, those came out great! I love painting patterns!

Mother's Day Shrines by Crafty Chica

After the moms and the bases are painted, it’s time to start assembling the shrines. You can plan this part ahead, but I just let it happen organically.

Mother's Day Shrines by Crafty Chica

I used a Christmas ornament, a die cut from my Crafty Chica line and a mini guitar.

Mother's Day Shrines by Crafty Chica

I later added crystals for a crown. She’s an earthy bohemian mama who loves music and glitter! I also added moss to the base.

Mother's Day Shrines by Crafty Chica

This one came out cute with her white dress and red sunnies. She’s a little glam. I wish I had painted her arms at her sides, but oh well!

I later added crystals for a crown. She's an earthy bohemian mama who loves music and glitter! I also added moss to the base. 

For the shrine below I used one from the Sandra Evertson Collection.

I later added crystals for a crown. She's an earthy bohemian mama who loves music and glitter! I also added moss to the base. 

I also made some mini ones, one is on top of a jar that I filled with candies, and the other is on top of a spool of metallic gold thread!

These would be cute to give along side your main gift, or you can have kids make these for a grandma. There are so many possibilities. Check back because I plan to try the gold one and  I’ll post it here!

Mother's Day Shrines

Thanks for checking out my Mother’s Day shrine project. if you are a mom I hope you have an excellent week leading up to Mother’s Day! Don’t let anyone get in the way of your good mood, you deserve it! Moms carry a heavy load each and every day until the end of time!

Love & light,

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  1. Where did you get the guitar? My daughter was a mariachi. I’d love to make one for her.

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