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Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures, but I’ve been inspired to blog like crazy lately. Have you noticed? I think it’s because I haven’t been traveling, so I have more time. Thank you for coming along on the daily adventures. I appreciate you guys so much, all the feedback on my social accounts, the comments, those of you who live in town who have come to visit me at the studio – mil gracias!

For today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds and even do a giveaway! Some of these listed below are affiliate links to products I’ve tried and loved, some are shout-outs to other artists and makers I adore. A lil beauty, a lil craft, a lil fashion…even breath spray…

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‘You Desert So Much More’ Velvet Heel

These red cactus shoes are everything to me right now! While they don’t look like they give a ton of support, they seem cute to wear for an art event or party. Hmmm…you know, maybe I can find a comfy pair and paint them. *NOTE TO SELF: Search for thick heeled slides* 

‘Unlimited Power’ Signed Book, By Tony Robbins (GIVEAWAY!)

Mega motivation! Tony’s social media team is currently promoting his book and offered to send me a signed copy, as well as one to give away to one of you! I find him very inspiring in a “tough love” sort of way, he gives a lot of wake-up calls. One of the messages that stuck with me is when he said: “You are not going to solve any problems lying awake at night worrying.” At the time I heard it, we were going through money struggles and I tossed and turned late into the nights, and you know what? Nothing was solved, and I woke up tired and cranky. The experience pushed me to make to-do lists, to brainstorm ideas, follow through, take action. It really was a turning point. I haven’t started reading this book yet, but I hope to soon!

If you want to be entered to win the signed book (his people will send it to your house!), leave a comment below sharing your favorite Tony Robbins message or idea. I’ll choose one random name next week.

Oh Comadre Candles

This brilliant candle line is the brainchild of Marcella Gomez. She has strategically formulated an array of deliciously clever scents that celebrate Latino culture. She uses organic wax, cotton wicks, recyclable containers and they are individually hand poured. LOVE and care! Dulce con Chile, Tres Leches, Paleta de Nuez, El Mariachi, and Aqua de Sandia are just a few on the list! She’ll even make custom labels for you!

Lashes LTD by Skin Blends

You know how I jumped on the lash extension bandwagon earlier this year? Well, as I went through the process, and happily so, I bought this tube of lash serum at the salon where I had the extensions applied. At $75, I kinda hated myself when I left the place, but I followed the directions and started applying the serum every night. OMG. It took about a month, but my lashes grew so long and full, I didn’t need the extensions anymore. My lashes even hit against my eyeglasses. I had to choose one or the other and my wallet felt much more at ease with this little tube of magic. A little goes a long way. I’m not a doctor or a professional, I’m just sharing my experience.

Sew Bonita

I met Elena Flores this summer at Hispanicize Texas. Who knew that weeks later, Hurricane Harvey would hit her hometown. She and her husband evacuated and when they returned home to find their house still standing, they immediately directed their energy to help others who weren’t so lucky. Even before that, I knew Elena was an all-around awesome chica with mad design skills and a lot of heart! She not only sells these adorable shirts but also sews all kinds of accessories!

Lane Bryant Ponte Trouser Pant

I recently was a guest on the new show, Pickler & Ben (post to come all about that!) and the wonderful team at Lane Bryant sponsored my outfit. The manager of the store in my city suggested these trousers, and at first, I said no way. I feel really uncomfortable in slacks or trousers. I’m healthy in the leg meat department and am always seeking ways to diminish that part of my bod. But the manager didn’t accept my lame excuse. She nudged me to let go of my doubts and just give the dang pants a try. So…I did and I LOVED them! They have zippered pockets, they are slimming, the fabric is sturdy without being stiff. And they look nice with just about anything. I’ve worn them three times since! They are certainly worth the investment!

Here is my wonderful Lane Bryant outfit for the show, but I think I’m wearing the blouse wrong, lol! I’m so NOT a fashionista! I just looked up the top on the site and found it, but the model has styled it differently. It’s called a Flutter-Sleeve Top with Tie Waist. Oh well, I like it this way! I must have been thinking, “Cinch it to make my waist smaller!”

Psssttt…look at my lashes! See, I told you!

Vive Cosmetics: Beauty con Cultura

I tried a larger brand of long-wear stain last year and wasn’t really happy with the results. Then I found out about Vive Cosmetics and my friends encouraged me to buy a tube and try it. I’m happy I did! It comes in matte, so I add a bit of gloss to make it shiny. Not only did I find a color that worked great with my olive skin tone (Luchadora), it really does stay put!  And it makes me feel good to support an indie makeup business in a world of a lot of corporate companies!

 My Not So Perfect Life, by Sophie Kinsella

I have a thing for British Chick Lit. I don’t know why or how, but Sophie Kinsella is one of my all-time favorite authors. This book did not let me down. It’s about a bumbling, overlooked, smart marketing employee who finds herself at the short end of every scenario. From her boss to the cute guy she just met, her parents’ new business and even a panini that is shoved in her mouth on the morning tube commute. Oh, and the panini belonged to a fellow commuter. This story shows the downside to social media, specifically Instagram. The story revolves around the main character’s motivation to have the life she posts on her photo feed. But when her whole world collapses, she learns she isn’t the only one faking perfection. It’s a great read – or listen if you do audiobooks. I wish we had more Latina fiction with stories like this!

Twisted For Sugar

Cotton candy with a Latino twist! This is a “Fruity, Spicy, Sweeet!” trio pack ($19.99): 1- MANGO WITH TAJIN: mango cotton candy base dusted with the king ( tajin) 1-WATERMELON AND TAJIN: a watermelon twist with tajin all over 1- PINEAPPLE AND TAJIN ; tropical and spicy. What a great gift idea. Better yet, if you live in the Los Angeles area, you can hire them to come out and make and sell their edible creations at your event!

OttLite LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp

I’m an OttLite ambassador and earlier this year, they sent me this lamp to try out. BUT, my husband, Patrick, grabbed it and set it up in his art studio. I didn’t even realize, it all happened so fast. But when it came time to set up my workstation at my off-site art studio, he must have felt guilty because he unplugged it and lovingly handed it over. Many times I work late and the Bluetooth capability means I can play my audiobooks or music through my lamp to keep a happy vibe going! Speaking of the lamp, it has five brightness settings. It has the best of everything!

Mujer Magic Sticker Sheet by Very That

Christina Martinez knows how to rock an Etsy store. She creates vinyl stickers, cards, coasters and even planner stickers. This set is one of my favorites – Mujer Magic! It features empowering quotes presented in a colorful, whimsical style. I just can’t get enough of her products!



CloSYS Oral Breath Spray

Wha what? I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had breath issues ever since childhood. I’ve been bullied and teased all my life. I’ve tried everything, so I felt hesitant when this package arrived in my mailbox. But I figured what the heck, I’ll try it.. IT WORKS. I tried it – I talked to my sister nose-to-nose after I ate a meal, then an hour later and she still gave me two thumbs up. Then I drank coffee and she passed out when I tested it near her nose again. Ha! Sisterly love, right? I had to respray. It comes in a small easy-to-hide container and it just takes one spray. It tastes a little bitter, but I’ll take it over having bad breath any day! It’s good to have when you are at a meeting or party and drink or eat and don’t have time to brush your teeth. The company also makes toothpaste and mouthwash, I’m trying those next.

IT WORKS. I talked to my sister nose-to-nose after I ate a meal, then an hour later and she still gave me two thumbs up. And she is a bad breath lightweight. Then I drank coffee and she passed out when I tested it near her nose again. Ha! Sisterly love, right? I had to respray. It comes in a small easy-to-hide container and just takes one spray. It tastes a little bitter, but I’ll take it over having bad breath any day! It’s good to have when you are at a meeting or party and drink or eat and don’t have time to brush your teeth. The company also makes toothpaste and mouthwash.

Day of the Dead T-Shirts!

Here’s a place to end this! We’re back in the T-shirt business, working to find a groove! Here’s a new design we put up for sale this week. It’s from a painting Patrick made and features two knitters throwing down some knit, purls, – and some chisme action! Bookmark our T-shirt shop because we’ll be adding more designs each week!

Thanks for reading through my shopping guide, I hope you found something you like! Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to enter to win the signed Tony Robbins book!

Love & light,

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your Tony R experience. I have watched the Netflix movie, “I’m not your Guru” at least 4 times and everytime I learn a new message or advice.

  2. Tony Robbins is amazing. Love I’m Not Your Guru. We I think of him, constant and never ending improvement comes to mind.

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