DIY Wonder Woman Apron (Halloween idea for stylists, baristas, crafters, etc)

Wonder Woman apron idea!

Do you work at a job that requires you to wear an apron? Here’s a way to be creative with it, especially for Halloween season! Paint a Wonder Woman apron! All you need is a blank canvas apron, fabric or craft paint, and a reference. We looked up an image online.

I thought Wonder Woman would be perfect since the movie was so well received this year, and I have a feeling a lot of people will be dressing up as her for Halloween. But if you wear an apron every day, you don’t have to wait for October 31st!

This is the apron we started with, Darice makes it. A couple years ago they sponsored our Crafty Chica cruisers each with one and we had a few left over. I like that it’s made from 100% cotton so it becomes nice and soft after washing. It holds the paint nicely! You can use fabric markers or even embroider the outline of the design. We went with basic craft paint!

If you like this idea, think of some other themes! I wanted to do Selena’s purple outfit, and maybe a ladies pantsuit. Or heck, even just a favorite phrase. Anything is fair game.


My advice is to wash and dry your apron. Iron out any wrinkles. You can paint it loose, or tape the apron to a large piece of cardboard. Use fabric paints or thinned craft paint. Sketch out the design (look online for a reference!).

Thin your paint with water if necessary to get better coverage.

Follow through until it’s done. you can add special ties if you want, or even glitter. To make it softer, wash in cold water and hang dry.

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Special thanks to my friends Eliana and Diana for modeling the apron. That’s what happens if you visit me at my studio – I will put you to work! 🙂

And since we are on the topic of wonder woman, check out my friends’ WW costume tutorial!

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