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Monster Mash Cheese Balls

Who knew you could make these super cute monster mash cheese balls from Cacique’s Queso Fresco cheese? Yes, the cheese is crumbly and light, but it can also be formed into little bite-sized balls – prime for edible embellishments! Think of how much personality they will add to your Halloween food spread! You can make them for a work potluck, a school party, or as snacks for your kids after a long night of trick-or-treating.

Here’s the link to see the full tutorial of how we made these! 

What I love most about this project is the way you can cut up a single olive, jalapeno, etc and turn each into expressive faces. And you’ll never guess what was used for the bloodshot eyes. Hint: It’s not food coloring!

Okay, check out the project and see if you get inspired! I hope you do!

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2 thoughts on “Monster Mash Cheese Balls”

  1. I love your creativity and power! New crafty posts are always a treat for me!

    I understand that yours is a business as well as a way to share your ideas and inspire others…not just Latinas, but artists, parents and people with health in mind.

    I hope, as you evolve, you are able to consider which sponsors you choose.

    Products like soft drinks and meat and dairy are responible for making Mexicans global eaders in diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

    You have the power to inspire such positive change, simply by putting your incredible creativity into promoting healthy and ethically responsible recipes and crafts!

    peace and love from La Paz, BCS, Mexico

    • Thank you for reading and your comments, much appreciated! I do my best to offer a balance! These are bite-sized cheese balls, nothing else mixed in, accented with veggies. It’s meant to be a fun Halloween snack, meant to be eaten in moderation. Thanks again for taking the time to write!


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