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Succulent Shoe Planter + Little Library

how to make a succulent planter shoe! #craftychica #planterideas

Every year I decorate a stiletto for an art auction called “Chingona Soles.” A bunch of Phoenix artists work their magic on a single shoe to transform it into something bid-worthy! It’s a challenge because I try to top the last year’s piece. I’m super happy with how this turned out!

This year I didn’t only make a shoe, I also decorated a little library for another fundraiser in town. I have pictures of that at the bottom.

MY ADVICE TO YOU: Put your talents to work and find a local silent auction where you can make and donate a piece of art. Research to see where the money goes, and choose the auction of your liking. The money raised from the shoes goes to a college scholarship fund for Latino students. It feels good to contribute, and I love the sense of community!

Here’s how the succulent shoe planter started – classic black suede. Two coats of gesso later and I now have a background to work with.

I kinda sorta planned what I was going to paint, but I pretty much balanced the design on both sides. For this look, I used a round brush and thin liner brush. I wanted to stuff it with faux succulents, so I thought the Talavera tile theme fit perfectly. I used all my favorite colors. Then I used floral foam to insert the succulent pics (bought at the craft store). I hot glued them in place so they wouldn’t move.

TIP: Drill a hole at the bottom if desired and fill with soil and shallow-rooted plants.

OH! Before I added the foam inside, I sprayed the shoe with clear varnish to make it shiny and sealed. succulent shoe

And here is the little library I painted! Here is the link to see all the beautiful libraries Phoenix artists painted!

You can click through to see the library from all sides.

Photo by Southwest Human Development. See mine?


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  1. Oh Kathy this shoe is beautiful, fabulous Great Job ! Could wear them too, Hope full yours will get picked! Xoxo

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